Emirates Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Emirates

Jobs at Emirates begin with filling out an application form or going to a hiring event. Managers tend to contact successful applicants within a few weeks to start the interview process. The airline often conducts phone interviews if location is an issue.

Opportunities at Recruitment Events

While candidates can apply online for most positions, some require attending an Open Day. These roles include cabin crew and other Emirates jobs that involve travel. The event allows hopefuls to submit an application or resume in person. This gives them a great chance to impress management.

Initial Testing Phase

Whether during an Open Day or a scheduled interview with Emirates, applicants will meet the staff for a first assessment. This stage of the hiring process includes personality and reach tests. Workers must pass an English proficiency exam as well.

Bring the Right Materials

All hopefuls need to bring copies of their resumes and passports to an Emirates job interview. If applying for a cabin crew position, the airline requires additional items, such as photographs. This helps the company identify an applicant for security purposes.

What Interview Questions Might Emirates Ask?

If selected for a job interview, a candidate may hear questions like:

Quality Candidates, Further Interviews

For strong contenders, there may be more than one Emirates interview. These meetings typically include job-related questions or prompts, such as:

Always Be Professional in Emirates Interviews

Stand Out from the Crowd

It is important to make a good impression during the Emirates interview process. Remember to maintain eye contact and be polite when speaking with the hiring staff. Prospective workers need to carry themselves in a way that fits the airline's high standards.

What to Wear to the Interview

How Should You Dress?

Emirates interviews require strict professional business attire. Job seekers should dress in formal clothing. Women need to wear a suit jacket, a skirt that falls an inch below the knee, a blouse, and heels. Men need a full suit, dress shirt, tie, and formal work shoes. All interviewees must look well-groomed and conservative with no visible tattoos.

Length of the Emirates Interview Process

Depending on the position, successful candidates often obtain an Emirates job within a month of applying. However, since the company conducts multiple interviews per person, this can vary. Background checks and drug tests are common in the hiring process.


  • s says:

    Be positive!
    Speak english corectly, do not stumble upon words?
    Dress properly, and observe that they will check you out!
    You can also google more about the rest of your questions, you’ll find everything you need.

    • Alice Vasile says:

      If i have piercings, can i show up with those or do I have to remove them?

  • charity naeku zakayo says:

    am kindly request for job vacancy in your company.

    yours faithfully
    charity naeku

  • charity naeku zakayo says:

    i would like to be part of your company team.
    I belive that i will compliment effort and ensure your mission attains its commercial set objectives.

  • kheirandish says:

    hi,i would like in emirates airline as passenger services in airport
    i have licence of pessenger sevices from iran air
    thanking you

  • meher says:

    please help me with some interview qs and answers for the post of customer service agent

  • meher says:

    i have my final interview in a weeks time

  • Mohammed says:

    Emirates Customer Service Agent ( Airport Services Agent)
    Hi , my name is Mohammed , my final interview was in 05/07/2011 – customer service agent.
    it took like 20-25 min.
    they asked simple questions like :

    1.do u have a previous experience ?
    2.tell us about any problem that encountered u during ur job and how did u solve it ?
    3.what r the problems that u think it might face u during ur job as a customer service agent ?
    4.if u ever flew with emirates , tell us how was it ?
    5.how much was your last salary ?
    6.do u mind wearing uniform ?

    and they told me they will send me an email both ways , if i got a rejection or approval , withng two weeks. but i did not hear from them tell now !! although i felt the interview went soo good .

    • Harshad says:

      Then did they call you back?
      Am also having an interview this weak.can u pls help me to attend that interview ?

  • Ammar says:

    Mr. Mohammed thank you very much about this information you gave

    actually i have a Customer Service interview after tomorrow at Emirates airlines and i dunno what will i face there….

    so are you sure about your information?
    are these questions only you have been asked there?
    do you have more advices to offer to me ?

    am in wait Mr Mohammed

  • Sara says:

    Hello everyone , I am 19 years old and i want to work for emirates airlines as a flight attendent. And i was wondering if i am allowed because i heard that you acn not work for them at least you are 21 . Thank you for answering ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

  • samiha says:

    hello to everyone i have an interview with emirates after 1 months i did pre selection in school and now i’m waiting for the results i need you help i don’t have any idea about what it would happen in the interview and also i don’t have any idea about questions they would ask me and another thing i don’t have good level in english and also i’m not bad in english so u think that they need a good level in english?

  • Szilvia says:

    @ Natalia
    Did you have an interview ever since you wrote this comment above?
    Unfortunately I can not get in touch with you, only here.
    I am Hungarian also 35 year old, who just realized that want to change her life and desperately like to be a cabin crew at Emirates! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Open day is just coming here in town not exactly in two weeks.
    I am preparing!

    However, good luck to you all!


  • DasshingBoy says:

    Dear All,

    I have an interview on the 25th of FEB 2012 for the post of IT Senior Support Engineer. Can anyone give me tips for this interview?

    Thank you in advance.

  • AK says:

    Hello guys, plz help me. i got interviews for an IT Engineer job. what kind of questions will they ask in the assessment?

  • Sarah says:

    Why are people asking for a job here? Lol

    I am a successful applicant with emirates airlines. I received my phone call about 2 weeks ago! ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you want to know the questions asked in final interview – GOOGLE it. That’s what I did & I was more than prepared.

  • Mert says:

    Hello…I am attending an open day with Emirates and I wonder when is the drug screening test? and medical check? How many days after the open day approximately?

  • Mary says:

    Hi everyone

    I got a phone call a week ago from Emirates Airlines and they told me that they will schedule me for a facility tour and a face to face interview in last week of April or 1st Week of May..
    Until now they haven’t call back for the schedule of my interview…

    I already got 2 interview from them by phone.. and now i am waiting for this face to face interview…

    I hope they call.

    I applied for the position of a food technologist..

    are they really that long before they call back..

  • Mary says:

    Hi everyone. I applied as a Food Technologist. I am done with the phone interview in HR and Operations. 2 weeks ago they called me again and told me that they are going to schedule me a face to face interview and a facility tour. They said that they would call me again the last week of April or the first week of May, but until now they are not calling me back..

    Are they really that long to call me back?

    This waiting situation drives me crazy… waahhh…

  • Hazel Routers says:

    hello guys.! My husband will have an assessment tomorrow for ground service rep. I’m so excited but a bit nervous for him. If only i could go to Emirates on his behalf. But thank you so much for the infos posted here. I hope he’ll be one of the lucky people wearing the Emirates uniform.:-))

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