Equinox Job Interview Questions & Tips

Applying Online

Equinox Fitness employs a substantial workforce of more than 15,000 associates to provide personal training services, health and wellness offerings, and client care throughout the United States, UK, and Canada. Workers looking for a career with the multinational fitness club chain find opportunities on the company website. In order to begin the hiring process, applicants must submit hiring requests and wait to receive contact from recruitment personnel.

Types of Interviews to Expect

Associates cite employee referrals often significantly expedite the interview and hiring process. Under normal circumstances, staffing managers usually contact eligible applicants within a week or two of reviewing employment information. Most applicants with Equinox Fitness participate in several interview sessions with different hiring managers. Depending on the position, candidates may undergo phone screening, 1:1 or panel interviews, drug testing and background checks.

Demonstrate Genuine Interest

Applicants vying for front desk customer service positions must attend meetings looking sharp and well-kempt. Employees note maintaining good appearances and friendly demeanors as the most important parts of the job. Arrive to interviews on time and prepared to interact enthusiastically with each hiring manager. Front desk candidates often encounter prompts like: "Why do you want to work here?", "Tell me about yourself," and "What is your availability?" Display good communication skills by referring to past customer service jobs. Demonstrate genuine interest in working for the fitness company when possible. Front desk applicants often attend one or two interviews before receiving employment offers.

Certifications and Presentation

Personal trainer candidates undergo extensive hiring processes to ensure associates can sell products, provide customer service, and competently train each client. Applicants often meet with fitness managers, store directors, and current employees before getting job offers. Some stores require trainers to possess certifications and college degrees for hiring consideration. Recruitment personnel want to see new associates work well as part of a team and possess the ability to consistently bring in new clientele. Initial interviews prove conversational and often take on question-and-answer formats. Popular inquiries include, "How do we know you will not steal Equinox Fitness clients?" and "What are your training philosophies?" Personal trainer candidates often showcase abilities by walking an employee through a 30- to 40-minute training session for hiring staff to see during final interviews. Dress appropriately for each hiring session and stay proactive with follow-ups after each meeting.

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