Ernst and Young Job Interview Questions & Tips

Applying Online

A cosmopolitan financial services company, Ernst & Young maintains operations in over 150 countries and employs in excess of 175,000 workers. The company provides financial counsel, assurance services, tax preparations, and transaction options worldwide. Company hiring officials look for bright and motivated individuals to fill corporate offices offering entry-level employment to students and professional options for experienced individuals. Job seekers can submit hiring information for available positions directly on the company website or in person. Recruitment personnel typically contact capable applicants within a week.

Come Properly Prepared

Prior to the interview, job hopefuls should thoroughly investigate the company history, values, and key members. Potential associates ought to research current industry standards and brush up on necessary skills for the position desired. Current employees with Ernst & Young report that hiring officials delve deeply into applicant work background and associated experience. Candidates should review resumes in order to competently explain each section.

Recruitment Process

Students vying for jobs or internships with Ernst & Young typically begin the hiring process through university recruitment fairs. Company talent agents interview students on campus before inviting promising applicants to start as interns. Common interrogations revolve around work history and classwork related to the job. Recruitment personnel often give students industry-related case studies to work through, as well. Applicants should show interest in the company and ask questions when given the opportunity.

Going Above and Beyond

Professional employment hunters should dress in business-formal attire for Ernst & Young job interviews. Commence the meeting with a firm handshake and a clear introduction. Let the interviewer navigate the meeting and respond to questions as thoroughly as necessary. Use examples from past employment that pertain to expertise associated with the anticipated position. Popular interrogations include: "Tell me what you know about EY," "In what ways can you make Ernst & Young a better company?", and "What type of management style do you prefer?" Professional applicants may also encounter more in-depth case studies regarding financial advising and solutions, accounting methods, or tax snafus. Case studies most often revolve around problem solving and creative thinking skills in difficult situations. Some candidates participate in multiple interviews before receiving employment offers from the company. Remain patient and gracious throughout.

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