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How to Get a Job at Esprit

Famous for fashion and footwear for more than 40 years, the Esprit brand needs capable and dedicated employees to perform required sales tasks and operational duties. As a way of hiring exceptional individuals, the retailer conducts job interviews across the company network of stores. Essential for just about any position, job seekers must approach the interview process with professionalism and proper preparation.

Do Your Research

Esprit applicants should use several strategies prior to attending the company job interview. Interviewers often touch on company products and services, so candidates should conduct some research on Esprit, such as history, locations, and company goals and missions before each interview session. Personal review of employment history and career goals is equally important for applicants. Review personal resumes and other employment materials prior to interviews. Naturally, attending each interview well-dressed and on-time helps establish a professional reputation with interviewers.

Answering Interview Questions

During interviews, session moderators pose several traditional and non-traditional questions related to the retail industry. Preparing general answers to questions like "What kind of trends do you see at Esprit?" and "When you enter a store, what attracts you the most?" helps instill confidence in many candidates before each session. Esprit often includes interview questions regarding current store trends and favorite styles the retail chain offers. React to interview questions with courteous and professional tones. Direct each answer to the manager or any official conducting the interview.

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