Estee Lauder Job Interview Questions & Tips

Know the Process

With annual sales in excess of $10 billion, Estee Lauder ranks among the most prominent cosmetics companies in the world. The success of the brand greatly depends on a large and varied workforce, which the company maintains by hiring new employees on a consistent basis around the globe. Workers obtain jobs in department stores and standalone retail outlets worldwide after applying and interviewing for sales associate, beauty advisor, or management positions. The interview process often proves rigorous and typically includes multiple phases for both entry-level and managerial applicants to complete. Successful candidates generally go through four or five job interviews, which take place over the phone and onsite using either one-on-one or panel interview formats.

Know the Product and Proper Customer Service

Like other companies in the retail industry, Estee Lauder mainly focuses on the customer service and sales skills of interviewees. Interviewers often ask questions like, "How would you handle a rude or unpleasant client?" and "What would you do if a shopper demanded a discount?" to see whether prospective associates possess the ability to serve customers properly. Hiring managers also probe for experience in sales by asking interview questions requesting specific details of previous jobs. In addition to fielding questions related to sales and customer service, interviewees frequently encounter queries such as: "Why do you want to work for Estee Lauder?", "How would you positively impact the success of our company?", and "How do you handle negative attitudes/criticism from coworkers/supervisors?" Job seekers regularly need to demonstrate product knowledge during the interview process, as well.

Dress for Success

To make the best impression possible, dress in stylish, professional business-wear when meeting with interviewers in-person. Exhibit the confidence required for Estee Lauder jobs by speaking with conviction and using eye contact to hold the attention of the interviewer. Answer each interview question carefully, completely, and honestly. Make sure you leave each interview knowing what to expect in the next step of the hiring process. Convey appreciation to the hiring manager at the conclusion of job interviews and ask for the decision-making timeline at the end of the final interview session.

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