Etihad Airways Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Etihad Airways

Scheduling Job Interviews

Job hopefuls might receive a call anywhere from one to four weeks after they submit an Etihad Airways application form. To make the best impression during these conversations, have a calendar and availability ready. Be polite, gracious, and respectful of the hiring manager's time.

Preparing for Success

Once the interview with Etihad is set, the preparation should begin. Since there are so many diverse roles available, an applicant's pre-interview process has to be tailored to the job. For example, potential cabin crew members must prepare for assessments that wouldn't be necessary for customer service positions.

What to Expect for Etihad Airways Interviews

Phone or In-Person?

Most entry-level Etihad jobs require only a phone interview to start. For these, applicants will answer generic questions like "Tell us about yourself" and "Why did you choose Etihad?" As candidates move through the interview process, they may be invited for an in-person meeting with position-specific inquiries.

One Interviewer or Several?

Depending on the job for which they apply, prospective workers might be subjected to a more rigorous interview process. Etihad management, mechanical, and cabin crew positions tend to merit a board of interviewers. People who applied for entry-level work typically get one-on-one meetings.

Additional Assessments

Aside from specialized screenings, most applicants receive some kind of language test. Since being fluent in different languages isn't required for all jobs, doing poorly doesn't necessarily stop the hiring process. Still, the staff is more likely to consider those who do well. Before going to an Etihad Airways interview, brush up on language skills.

Common Etihad Interview Questions

The Top Questions to Practice Answering

In addition to those mentioned above, job seekers might be asked any of the following:

There's no way to know for sure which job interview questions a candidate will get. Thus, hopefuls had better prepare for as many as possible. Ensure that responses sound confident but not overly rehearsed.

What Should You Wear to the Etihad Interview?

How to Dress

Formal or business casual attire is appropriate, such as suits, dress shirts, pressed pants, blouses, and skirts. Candidates must aim to present themselves in the best light. Along with nice clothing, this means a clean and polished appearance.

What Should You Bring to the Etihad Airways Interview?

Have Everything You Need

For phone interviews, it is perfectly acceptable to keep notes handy. It's advisable to bring a notepad to in-person meetings, as well. However, never read directly off the page when answering questions. Finally, job seekers need to have a couple copies of their resume in case the hiring manager forgets to print one. This makes applicants look professional and prepared.


  • JASON says:

    ho 25 anni sto terminando il corso atpl,ho vissuto negli USA 9 mesi,parlo inglese fluente,cercano anche assistenti di volo, qualsiasi cosa basta vedere da vicino una compagnia SERIA: GRAZIE

  • maureen delaney says:

    what should i wear to etihad assesment do i need to keep my arms covered

  • amal says:

    •What questions do they ask for cabine crew in etihad airways?

  • ataulla says:

    am going for assesement for contact centre agent what will assesment be about?

  • nancy says:

    i have interview with etihad airways , after 2 days > wich kind of question they r asking , i need answer as soon as possibl plzzzz

  • Hisham P.A says:

    Please give me some interview questions for the role of Global Contact Centre Agent.

  • hasan uddin says:

    I would like to join etihad airways. I am an experienced aircraft technician and able to serve under high pressure. Thank you.

  • Yasmin Ashraf says:

    I have twenty years of sales and customer service experience within the travel industry. Please give me one chance to prove myself. I was working as a Travel Administrator for The Abu Dhabi Investment Council. Please, please do call me for the interview. As I can effectively communicate with people of all ages and cultures and I am fluent in English as well. Many thanks in advance.

  • ANSAR says:

    Should I bring anything to the Etihad Airways interview?
    What education level (high school or college) is required for the job?
    What other questions do they ask? How should you answer certain questions?
    What should I wear, or how should I dress for an interview at Etihad Airways?
    How much do they pay? Will they ask about salary expectations, if so what should I say?
    Does Etihad Airways drug test?

    What about second interviews? When should you expect a call after the interview?

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    Can you give me some tips about cabin crew interviews?

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