Exxon Interview Questions & Tips

Different Roles Require Different Interviews

Accepted as an internationally renowned member of the gas station industry, Exxon interviews for individuals with a passion for customer service. Applicants should apply online or in-person at a neighborhood store. Candidates frequently confront phone prescreening before moving on to face-to-face interviews. One-to-one interviews with hiring personnel prove the most common arrangements for screening job seekers. For more advanced roles, such as shift leaders and managers, applicants participate in more than one interview, typically spending between two and three weeks under review in the hiring process. Some managers issue on-the-spot job offers for entry-level positions.

What Questions to Expect

After screening applicants via telephone, the gas station chain generally subjects applicants to face-to-face interviews with hiring personnel. Expect to answer such questions as, "Do you have difficulty interacting with people at a rapid pace?", "Would you consider yourself a team-player?", and "Would variations in shift assignments represent or create a problem for you?" during the recruitment meetings. If possible, draw from prior experiences when responding to Exxon interview questions. Most entry-level applicants receive an offer of employment after the first interview; however, candidates sometimes meet with other hiring personnel for additional interviews.

Questions for Managerial Interviews

Managerial positions regularly require multiple 1:1 interview sessions. Standard interview questions may include, "What would you do to calm an angry customer?" or "In prior experiences, what do you find to be the best way to manage a group of people?" With managerial positions, Exxon generally looks for strong, goal-oriented individuals who remain accountable and reliable. At the conclusion of the hiring process, the fuel company may carry out background checks and drug screening to further evaluate managerial candidates.

Retail Backgrounds Help

Applicants should show competence for performing gas station and convenience store tasks. Interviewees need to dress appropriately and utilize wholehearted demeanors while engaging hiring managers. Prior customer care knowledge and strong retail backgrounds may position candidates above other applicants seeking the same job title. Ask appropriate questions while maintaining eye contact. Applicants may need to check back with some frequency to check on employment status.

ExxonMobil Office Education Student Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
ExxonMobil Office Education Student: Okay, I was an office education student, so the internship was through my school and that’s how we got hired. We had to fill out an application, and then Exxon hired us through there. We had to do multiple interviews, and then my job was to basically do all of the work that no one else wanted to do. I worked under different administrators. I did things like filing, putting things into the computers, and faxing, scanning type of things, and then like stocking kitchens, and taking down posters, putting posters up type of things. Even errands, if they needed me to run errands to bring something to another place, things like that.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
ExxonMobil Office Education Student: It was actually, it was very fun, surprisingly. When you hear, “Exxon,” you think like, big corporation type of thing, like serious, but everyone there was very, very, very nice. They were very serious about their jobs, but at the same time, it was like an open, fun environment. I guess they didn’t want anyone to feel like, “Oh, just because we’re a big corporation, can’t have fun,” type of thing. Even though we did have fun, there was our serious moments too, but very open, fun environment.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
ExxonMobil Office Education Student: We filled out applications at the school, and then I guess they took them to Exxon and they sorted though to see, I guess, grade wise and things like that, like different criteria that they had. They picked us through there, and then we had an interview at Exxon Upstream, and they took us and asked us different questions about school and the jobs that we previously had and stuff like that. Then, I guess we waited probably a month after that, and they told us if we had the job or if we didn’t.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
ExxonMobil Office Education Student: One thing that set me apart, I guess, was my work ethic. I’m also a leader, like when no one else, I guess one of those things where like a leader will always come about, like if no one is appointed, one will always arise type of thing. I think that’s kind of like the person that I am, like I know I could take charge and things like that. Different qualities, like my grades were also very good. I know when to listen, when to take charge, so I think they just needed things like that, like in different students who would be able to take the experience and actually learn from it.

Interviewer: How were you notified that you received the job?
ExxonMobil Office Education Student: I believe that I got a phone call that I had received the job. Then, like there was, after that, there was later, emails and stuff to like, reassure things. It probably took them about a month after the interview to let me know when I got the job, or if I got the job.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
ExxonMobil Office Education Student: Make sure that it’s the right job for you, look into the environment of the job first. If you know anybody who has worked in that position or at that job, ask them about how the environment is, because you don’t ever want to just walk in blind, I guess. When you go on your interview, make sure you do your research before, like research of the company, like different things that will set you apart from everybody else. Like, you know the history of the company, stuff like that.


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