Fairfield Inn Interview Questions & Tips

Types of Interviews to Expect

A leader in the hotel industry, Fairfield Inn is looking for applicants who have a background in hospitality. Potential employees are usually asked to come in for interviews if their background fits the job requirements. While experience helps, the hotel chain also interviews entry-level candidates to fill customer service jobs and other various positions. The job interview process may entail numerous phone or face-to-face interview sessions with hiring managers.

Common Interview Questions

Fairfield Inn interviews remain basic and features straightforward questions. Job interview questions may include some of the following: "Could you please describe your job history?", "How did you tackle a challenging situation at your previous job?", and "Are you the type of person to ask for help from managers, or do you like to solve problems on your own?" Other Fairfield Inn interview questions may be aimed at finding out how a candidate deals with different types of people.

Stay Calm and Attentive

Dressing to impress and arriving early is very important at a Fairfield Inn job interview. Start the interview off by making a warm and personable introduction to the interviewer. Stay relaxed, focused, and calm during the interview process as this will communicate competence in high-pressure situations. When answering interview questions, maintain comfortable eye contact with interviewers. Show attention to detail by taking a mental note of the interviewers' names and thanking them by name at the end of the interview.

Following Up

Following interviews, Fairfield Inn may need candidates to cooperate with drug testing and background checks. Human resources personnel may choose to withhold hiring decisions for several days or weeks after interviews. Several days after the interview, applicants should follow up with hiring managers to inquire about employment decisions. This will show a healthy level of interest and persistence.


  • Paulina Vakasigaleka says:

    Dressing to impressive and arriving early are important factors to Fairfield. During the interview you should stay relaxed, focused on the interviewers conversation, and stay calm! When answering the question asked, you should maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Pay attention to detail and take mental notes of the interviewer. Be sure to thank him or her for the interview.

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