Fairway Market Job Interview Questions & Tips

Getting Started

Fairway Market applicants encounter lengthy interview sessions during the hiring process. The hiring process takes about a week or two to complete. A series of two job interviews follows initial contact made by HR representatives. Eligible candidates then interview onsite at a desired location. The grocery retailer uses panel and one-to-one formats for job interviews. Job fairs also serve as a predominant way for the supermarket chain to screen for new employees.

Questions for Entry-Level Roles

Entry-level workers most often sit through one-on-one encounters with a grocery store hiring manager. Fairway Market interview questions frequently reflect the assumed duties of the desired job title. Applicants in search of stock positions may respond to questions like: "Can you lift up to 50 lbs. comfortably?" and "Are you able to work on foot/perform manual labor for hours at a time?" Cashier job hopefuls and applicants interested in Fairway Market sales positions may field inquiries like: "What would you consider the most important attribute a customer service employee can have?" and "If you are late to work, do you usually call to inform someone when you'll be in?"

Typical Queries for Managerial Candidates

Applicants in search of managerial jobs sit through multiple interviews. The first interview for management candidates generally includes a panel screening performed by the initial HR contact and a district manager. Applicants then move on to one-on-one interviews with a Vice President of Operations. Interview questions used in managerial hiring sessions with Fairway Market often center on more specific details of grocery store operations. Common questions like, "What would you do if an entire shipment of goods arrives spoiled?" or "If you find out two coworkers are having a dispute over hours, how do you handle the situation?" gauge applicants for leadership qualities and effective decision-making skills.

Be Flexible

Located in one of the largest cities in the world, Fairway Market stores require applicants to possess patience, understanding, and resolve. The New York City-based supermarket chain serves a variety of customer bases and needs to hire applicants who demonstrate extreme professionalism and provide personalized customer service regardless of setting. Strong communicators able to work all hours available represent ideal employees. Availability ranks as one of the most crucial hiring points determined through interviews. Stress a willingness to open, close, or work whatever shifts need filled. The ability to perform job duties of other positions not sought-after also benefits prospective employees.


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