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Family-owned since 1962, Fallas Discount Stores operates as an off-price chain of stores under the umbrella of National Stores, Inc. With over 200 locations in the western United States, the company enjoys regular growth necessitating the consistent hiring of both entry-level and career-oriented individuals.

Facts About Working at Fallas Discount Stores

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Fallas Discount Stores?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Room Associate, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Fallas Discount Stores Employment Opportunities

The discount retail chain consistently hires for various customer service and management positions to continue operating at high levels. Entry-level workers interested in earning extra income or seeking to get a foot in the door of a retail career may apply for an array of introductory positions, such as cashier, sales associate, or stock associate. Potential employees typically do not need prior retail experience and need only meet minimum hiring requirements to qualify for jobs with the retail chain. Managers typically face a more rigorous screening process and need to hold extensive backgrounds in retail with some related college coursework.

Fallas Discount Stores offers brand-name and private-label clothing for men, women, and children from infants on up. The off-price retail chain also offers customers the opportunity to choose from other merchandise options. Domestics, toys, footwear, and even uniforms remain available for buyers to peruse on each visit to the store. The company continuously attempts to provide the best products for the lowest prices. With discount stores growing in popularity, job growth steadily grows coincidentally. Offering a straightforward application process, the retail chain allows interested applicants to apply online through the company website or in person at a local Fallas Discount Store.

Fallas Discount Stores Job Opportunities and Pay Scales

The off-price retail chain seeks to employ energetic, friendly, and compassionate individuals who possess an understanding of retail sales and goals. Familiarity with working in team settings and interacting with the public as well as strong desires to help people also make for desirable traits in both entry-level and career-minded applicants. Candidates must stand at least 18 years old to apply for the following positions:

Sales Associate

  • Sales associates perform multiple roles with the retail chain.
  • Duties include working as cashiers and stock employees in addition to assisting customers with making purchases, as necessary.
  • Sales team members work in various departments as needed and report directly to department managers.
  • Associates should display excellent interpersonal skills, dedication to serving customers, and flexibility in scheduling, as both part-time and full-time work remain available.
  • Sales associates typically make minimum wage pay to start, with the potential to earn up to $9.00 an hour.


  • Crew members in supervisory positions tend to serve in administrative roles and directly oversee junior workers in daily tasks.
  • Managers retain responsibility for hiring, training, and coaching employees to meet company sales goals, service expectations, and corporate ideology.
  • Other responsibilities include scheduling workers, managing payroll, processing shipments, and ensuring stores meet company expectations and standards on a consistent basis.
  • Candidates for managerial jobs typically come from within, though the company often outsources for supervisory roles, which creates additional opportunities for outside employment seekers.
  • Excellent time management, extensive knowledge of customer service techniques, and the ability to build strong team typically stand as skills desired by the retail industry.
  • Managers may earn up to $50,000 in annual salary options.

Tips for Applying

When filling out applications, job seekers should ensure all information shows completeness, displays current information, and remains legible. Giving incorrect or illegible information may lead to disqualification from the hiring process. Applying in person may serve candidates well in terms of meeting with hiring managers face-to-face. Managers typically view the act of turning in applications in person as a display of genuine interest in the job and may respond favorably, though not necessarily.

Application Status

Candidates taking initiative to follow up with hiring managers after submitting an application may consider calling, emailing, or visiting a location to inquire about hiring procedures. Dress accordingly in business-casual attire to show genuine interest in the desired position. If possible, try to visit stores at off-peak hours in order to show respect for business practices and to ensure the best chances of speaking with hiring personnel. Managers typically get back with job seekers within one week after receiving hiring materials, which makes follow-up only necessary if not contacted for further screenings.

Benefits of Working at Fallas Discount Stores

Fallas Discount Stores offers employees fun, fast-paced, and customer-oriented workplaces perfect for entry-level workers seeking additional sources of income, flexible hours, and opportunities for advancement. Eligible team members may receive:

  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Paid training
  • Time off
  • Vacation time, and
  • Store discounts.

Additionally, associates may qualify for enrollment in companywide 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional Information on Fallas Discount Stores

Traditionally operating mainly in the Western United States, Fallas Discount Stores recently made inroads into the East Coast and Midwest. The retail chain completed a purchase of Conway Stores, which operates over 40 stores east of the Mississippi River, and also began opening new stores in Florida. With discount stores enjoying solid footing in consumer sales, expansion into new markets usually leads to new job opportunities for workers in the retail industry.

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