Family Dollar Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Family Dollar

How to Get a Job at Family Dollar

After potential workers fill out an application, hiring managers review all submissions. If an applicant appears to be a good fit for the store, they will receive a phone call for a Family Dollar interview. Job seekers with prior experience may find the process to be simple.

During the Interview Process

Candidate Strengths

Individuals who possess great customer service skills are ideal. Family Dollar looks for different skills depending on the position. For example, a cashier should have basic math skills to handle money while working the cash register, while higher ups must be good leaders.

Employee Traits

Applicants who possess the ideal traits and skill sets typically hear back from the store within two weeks of the Family Dollar interview. Candidates who can work evenings, weekends, and possibly holidays are a good fit for employment.

The Interview

Family Dollar interviews are typically traditional one-on-one sit downs with a hiring manager. Interviewers are able to grasp personalities and mannerisms of potential new hires in an in-person setting as opposed to a phone call.

What to Expect

Interview Questions

The location determines the Family Dollar hiring process. Depending on the store location, along with the position, questions may vary. Sample questions management may ask are:

How to Dress

What to Wear

Business casual is a good route to take for the Family Dollar interview process. Pairing a nice top with slacks or skirts create an ideal interview outfit. Public appearance plays a key role of working at the store.

After the Interview

Final Steps

Applicants may stop in or contact the store to follow-up on a previous interview. Candidates for employment at Family Dollar hear from hiring managers typically within two weeks of the original interview.

Family Dollar Interview Video

16 user comments:

  1. ebony c

    Does family dollar hire 16 year olds during the summer

  2. Rubi Moreno

    I am available at any time,I can start as soon as possible.

  3. Kashae

    where do you fill out the application at

  4. ashley whiters

    What type of questions are asked in a interview for a store clerk position at family dollar

  5. anthony goins

    a nice place to work

  6. robin bentz

    what are your responibitys for store clerk.

  7. robin bentz

    i think it would be different type of job thats what i am looking for.

  8. Tabitha King

    I want to work at the family dollor store but im getting ready to turn 15 i can do it for the summer

  9. Tabitha King

    I Want to work here but i am only 14.5 i am getting ready to turn 15 can i do it ???

  10. michelle

    what positions do they have at the store?

  11. Jennifer

    Its sad seeing everyones comments on this page :/ its called the internet PEOPLE!!! Go to the store and ask if their hiring geesshh…..dont be lazy -____-
    THEN APPLY ONLINE…it wont apply for you.

  12. jason

    Do family dollar employees get paid weekly or every two weeks?

  13. christine

    The paycheck is every two weeks.

  14. Kenzie

    I’m 14 and I want to get a part time job at family dollars because I am currently still in school. How much do they pay?

  15. Darlene hampton

    What’s most important when a customer enters the store? #1 to build a relationship that will keep them coming back. Your goal is loyal customers because keeping existing customers is cheaper than finding new ones.

  16. Britney

    For the people who asked about if family dollar is hiring, if you do not want to go to the store to find out, then go to and go under the careers section. It’ll ask you the information so you can apply at the closest store near you. However if you put an application in, just remember, there are millions of people applying, so actually call to check on your application, because odds are they wont think to call a specific person. If you call they look at your application then call you back within a couple of days.


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