Family Video Job Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Family Video

Family Video offers a straightforward interview process for numerous positions relating to customer service in the video store industry. After submitting appropriate hiring materials either online or at a neighborhood location, applicants should expect calls from hiring managers to set up interviews. The hiring process varies depending on the position applied for, but most candidates cite a sequence of a 1:1 interview and a skills test followed by a final one-to-one interview. Applicants need to pass the skills test in order to move on to the final stage of interviews.

Typical Entry-Level Questions

Most customer service positions, such as clerk or sales associate, require applicants spend up to two weeks in the hiring process. Candidates face interview questions focused on background, work ethic, and interpersonal skills. Examples include: "What was a scenario where you couldn't make a customer happy?", "Why do you want to work at Family Video?", and "What is your favorite movie?" Answer each question with attentions to genuineness, enthusiasm, and succinctness. Refer to previous relatable work experience, if possible.

Applying for Managerial Roles

Managerial positions feature slightly longer interview processes, although candidates usually face the same sequence of events. After completing an introductory interview, candidates face a skills test involving both basic math and language portions. In order to proceed with further interviews, applicants must achieve an above-average score. Supervisory roles may face questions about past managerial roles, management style, and past education. Thoroughly research company values, goals, and ideology in order to provide best-possible answers. Family Video style of dress for employees is business-professional, so interview attire should attempt to mirror said dress, if possible.

Prove You Want the Job

Family Video seeks enthusiastic, customer-oriented, and motivated employees to staff over 775 stores in 19 states and Canada. Applicants who arrive early, dressed appropriately, and ready to interact with hiring personnel may receive consideration over less-prepared job seekers. Greet each interviewer with a firm handshake and in a manner used to potentially greet customers. Remain cordial, inviting, and attentive. Smile consistently throughout the interview process and maintain a positive attitude. Candidates may expect to learn of hiring decisions within a few days of completing the interview process.

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