Famous Dave’s Interview Questions & Tips

Meeting with Hiring Managers

Known for serving award-winning barbecue cuisine, Famous Dave's maintains a nationwide chain of roughly 200 restaurants, each needing a team of passionate employees to continue the success of the brand. Job seekers may become employees after applying and interviewing for available positions, a process often taking a week or less to complete. Hiring managers usually interview applicants individually, sometimes as soon as potential workers finish applying for jobs in-person. Some candidates meet with each member of the restaurant management team during the interview process for a total of three to five rounds of interviews. For most job seekers, however, a single interview session proves sufficient for gaining employment with the barbecue restaurant chain.

Common Interview Questions

Famous Dave's job interviews often focus heavily on the availability and loyalty of applicants. Hiring managers usually want to know which days and how long prospective employees plan on working at the restaurant chain. Candidates with open or flexible schedule availability and the desire to grow and advance with the popular restaurant chain tend to earn increased hiring consideration. Interviewers also ask about previous employment on a regular basis and frequently urge applicants to share personal examples of accomplishing goals or overcoming challenges at past jobs. "How are you different from the other candidates?" and "What do you think is the most important part of being a host/server/cook/manager?" also rank among the more common interview questions. Interviewees may need to know about menu items as a prerequisite to employment, as well.

Enthusiasm is Key

Make a strong entrance at interviews by arriving reasonably early and wearing appropriately dressy attire. Relax and answer all interview questions with clarity, honesty, and enthusiasm. Show further engagement in the interview by making consistent eye contact with the Famous Dave's hiring manager and maintaining a cheerful demeanor. Interviewers tend to hire job seekers with bubbly personalities and knowledge of proper customer service procedures. Candidates selected for employment often receive job offers at the interview or a day or two later. Interviewees still awaiting the outcome of the hiring process should follow up with the restaurant chain after a few days to signal continued desire for the job.

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