Blain’s Farm and Fleet Interview Questions & Tips

How the Process Begins

Blain's Farm & Fleet offers ideal department store job opportunities. Once an applicant submits the necessary forms for employment consideration, a hiring manager may call to schedule an interview within a week. Some applicants may not hear back from the agricultural supply store for a couple weeks, depending on the volume of submissions. Management generally screens applicants through a basic face-to-face interview with hiring managers.

What to Expect During Interviews

The Blain's Farm & Fleet interview process mostly consists of a hiring manager asking questions regarding job history, skillsets, and availability. Applicants often need to respond to behavioral questions covering customer satisfaction and ethics. Some Blain's Farm & Fleet interview questions applicants face include:

  • "Describe a time when you had an irate customer and how did you handle it?"
  • "What was your favorite part of your last job?"
In interviews for more specialized sales positions, applicants must often show knowledge of farm and automotive supplies. For example, applicants may need to answer:
  • "What is a reducer and what does it do?"
  • "What do you know about hydraulics?"
Following the interview, candidates often need to take brief questionnaires.


Applicants applying for managerial jobs with Blain's Farm & Fleet usually need to participate in at least two job interviews. In most cases, human resource representatives or district managers conduct managerial interviews. Interviewers probe for previous team management and store operations experience and ask questions that begin with, "Tell me about a time when..."

Appropriate Attire

Workers genuinely seeking to gain employment with Blain's Farm & Fleet should wear professional clothing to the job interview. Men should wear dress pants and button-up shirts, while women should wear respectable attire, such as long skirts or dresses and professional blouses. In addition to carefully selecting appropriate attire, Farm & Fleet applicants need to demonstrate positive attitudes through polite behavior and approachable body language.

Experience and Availability

As a customer-focused department store chain, Blain's Farm & Fleet tends to hire workers with experience in customer service. Job hopefuls should highlight any previous experience dealing with customers or high-intensity sales situations. Candidates with open availability receive preferential treatment by Farm & Fleet hiring managers. When interacting with hiring managers, applicants need to remain professional and hold good posture.

Interest and Follow Ups

To improve chances of employment consideration, candidates should show genuine interest in the job by asking questions about the company culture and growth opportunities. A few days after the interview, applicants should demonstrate further interest by calling Blain's Farm & Fleet managers to inquire about hiring decisions.


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