Fatburger Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Fatburger

Fatburger looks for enthusiastic, hard-working job seekers to fill entry-level and managerial positions at the fast-paced and sometimes demanding international burger chain. After submitting hiring requests, entry-level applicants should expect to participate in a single interview with hiring managers before securing employment, although the interview process may vary from location to location. Depending on the position, managerial applicants often endure a multi-interview hiring process consisting of phone screenings followed by 1:1 and panel interviews. Most applicants for upper-level positions must first perform well during a phone interview before receiving formal invitations for face-to-face meetings.

Common Questions Faced

Applicants should arrive on time to each interview session. While Fatburger maintains fairly laidback environments, job hopefuls should attend interviews looking well-kempt and dressed in business-casual attire. Entry-level applicants may respond to simple interview questions like: "Have you ever worked in fast food before?", "Are you able to multi-task?", and "Can you stand on your feet for long periods of time?" Some interviewers may take a more personable route to inquiries, asking questions like, "What are some improvements you want to make this year?" and "What is your dream job?"

Questions for Manager Candidates

Managerial candidates may want to dress in more formal attire for job interviews to demonstrate professionalism. Upper-level candidates often respond to interview questions designed to gauge leadership experience, organizational skills, and customer service awareness. Interviewers often pose situational inquiries like, "How would you deal with an uncooperative employee?" and "Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an angry customer who was given bad service." Applicants should answer interview questions confidently, using examples from previous management jobs to illustrate competency. Job hopefuls should remain polite and honest throughout the hiring process, showing respect for the interviewer and desire to work at Fatburger. Thank the hiring personnel for their time and conclude interviews with a firm handshake.

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