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Employing more than 300,000 global team members, FedEx ships roughly 3.9 million packages every business day through prominent delivery services provided by devoted and innovative workers. The company remains dedicated to workers in return and regularly appears on Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For in America list.

Facts About Working at FedEx

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at FedEx?)

Available Positions: Courier, customer representative, delivery driver, management, package handler, QA clerk, safety manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

FedEx Employee Videos

video of former FedEx workers

FedEx Employment Opportunities

Through a dynamic list of career options and working environments, FedEx offers full-time and part-time opportunities suitable to various applicants seeking entry-level employment. Employment hopefuls may explore openings in departments such as customer service, accounting, communications, finance, marketing, sales, and delivery. Some jobs may require niche skills or physical capabilities, like courier or package handler, while others, like customer representative and manager, require a range of customer service aptitudes.

The package delivery company values people, service, innovation, integrity, responsibility, loyalty, and safety. Employees discover opportunities to achieve personal growth and company advancement. FedEx workers also enjoy generous pay and job benefits in addition to recognition programs celebrating the achievements of hand-working individuals. Interested applicants may begin the consideration process by accessing the online application available on the company website.

Does FedEx Hire Felons?

While FedEx is highly selective, the company may hire people with previous convictions. Felons are not eligible for jobs in management, driving, or safety, but they can apply for warehouse and package handling. Supervisors make decisions on a case-by-case basis, factoring in the type of crime committed and the applicant’s efforts toward self-improvement.

FedEx Positions and Salary Information

The minimum hiring age for FedEx employees rests at 18 years old. Job hopefuls seeking employment with little prior experience to offer may find success in positions such as customer representative or package handler. Qualifying backgrounds may prove necessary for workers filling jobs like courier or manager. A list of jobs readily available at most locations sits listed below:

Package Handler

  • To ensure timely and careful delivery of shipments, package handlers use industry technology to effectively move millions of packages daily.
  • Regular routines may include loading and unloading trucks sorted by lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, and placing packages in safe and company-delegated manners.
  • Applicants advancing to the interviewing process must attend an observation preview of the position to obtain a realistic understanding of the physical demands the job necessitates and to ensure candidates provide a genuine interest in hire.
  • Package handlers may receive pay between $9.00 and $14.00 an hour.

Customer Representative

  • Responding to customer inquiries, resolving problems, and selling via the phone become the most pertinent tasks customer representatives perform daily.
  • To accomplish required duties employees must maintain current knowledge of company products, services, solutions, pricing, scheduling, pick-up, delivery, and supplies.
  • No previous experience proves necessary; however, a high school diploma, computer literacy, and flexible availability including weekends and holidays suit candidates well.
  • Customer representatives may receive salary pay between $24,000 and $45,000.


  • Couriers must represent the company in a professional manner during the delivery and pick-up of packages and documents.
  • Other duties may include operating large vehicles, inspecting shipments, answering customer questions, attempting to gain new business, ensuring the proper completion of labeling and paperwork, using discretion concerning packages with dangerous goods, and cleaning vehicles as necessary.
  • A high school diploma, driver’s license, and ability to lift 75lbs. and pass safety regulations and medical exams may prove necessary for hire.
  • Couriers may begin work receiving $14.00 an hour, but could gain up to $25.00 an hour with experience and tenure.


  • In an effort to provide customers with positive and consistent experiences, assistant managers aid with leading the business unit by supervising team members and service operations.
  • Assistant managers may also perform tasks such as evaluating team members, resolving customer disputes, providing training, interviewing applicants, overseeing shipment services, and tending to administrative duties such as scheduling, payroll, and ordering and receiving inventory.
  • Functions of the position include standing for long durations of time, moving up to 55lbs., communicating effectively, and performing well in teams and under pressure.
  • Candidates should hold high school diplomas, one year of related experience, pass background checks, and meet hiring criteria for the position as outlined in the team member handbook.
  • Assistant managers may receive annual salary options ranging between $30,000 and $80,000.

Tips For Applying

Job hopefuls may apply online using the careers portal accessed on the company webpage. Upon locating a position of interest, candidates may click the Apply Now button to create a profile with the company. Resume information should receive proper updates prior to beginning the online application form to ensure the process runs smoothly. A seven-step application process must receive completion for consideration; however, after completing one form, potential employees may log back into the created profile to easily apply for additional positions. An email confirmation sends shortly after the submission of an application to confirm the company received the document. Resumes submitted in person or via snail mail may not receive consideration, as the delivery service prefers applicants use the online job portal.

Application Status

Hiring managers may begin recruiting efforts within a week or two of receiving an application. If contact requesting an interview does not occur, applicants may choose to update resumes by logging back into online profiles and clicking Apply for all Positions and then clicking Create/Update Resume, which allows candidates to tweak hiring information to better suit other jobs for consideration. The company keeps resumes active on the database for up to one year.

Benefits of Working at FedEx

FedEx employees often report satisfaction with overall working conditions. The parcel service dedicates efforts toward recognizing and promoting hardworking individuals and encouraging new ideas and input through an open-door policy. Eligible candidates may also receive generous job benefits. Packages may include:

  • Health insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Travel discounts
  • Tuition assistance
  • Paid time off
  • Work/life balance programs, and reduced shipping rates

More Information on FedEx

The international delivery service strongly believes in recognizing the work of outstanding employees by presenting awards through an achievements program. Workers may receive the CEO safety award, humanitarian award, purple promise, bravo zulu, or the five star. In addition to plaques of recognition and announcements of achievement, awards may also package with cash bonuses, theater tickets, dinner gift cards, or other prizes of similar value.


  • Earl Hyde says:

    To apply online at Fedex for the courier job, is there any type of special license I would need to have? I do not have any CDL or other endorsements but I would be willing to obtain them.

  • Brandy Noble says:

    I know a girl who worked at FedEx as a customer service girl at the front desk and she got paid $10/hr that’s a really good wage. I really need to apply because financial aid is not paying for all my books anymore, they pay for my classes then I have to come up for money for books and I’m really close to finishing! I’m going to apply as soon as I can.

  • Perry says:

    I work for Fed-Ex in Indianapolis, Indiana for 10 years. I was a handler and un-loader. My job was to load the aircraft as well as unload the cans. Fed-Ex is a great company to work for. What fed-Ex taught me was about team work. That’s why I would like to come back. I just moved to Las Vegas.

  • Kenneth Hyde says:

    It was one of the absolute best choices I have ever made when I signed up with FedEx, June 4, 1984. When I retired, 1/02/2002, my fellow couriers referred to me as the “go to guy”. After 9/11 security measures tightened up at Edwards Air Force Base, in California. Part of my “extended route”. The package handling facilities at EAFB were not set up to handle the volume, due to security. I injured my back as a result. My work experience with FedEx leaves me with good memories.

  • Chloe P Jackson says:

    I was hired as a package handler, however the position would have been to strenuous for me. Fed Ex is a great company. I am reapplying for a less physical position.

  • Jesse White says:

    I started as a mail handler, unloading the trucks on the dock. I scanned packages on the belt, triaged packages; loaded trucks for drivers to deliver and learned how to dispatch drivers before we moved into a new building. At the new Fedex Ground building I worked in the large parcel unit and drove carts to five different belts and loaded those belts with the large parcels. I applied for and was promoted to an Admin Specialist, where I processed the paperwork for the morning management operations, as well as dispatched drivers and helped the clerks in the cages on the work room floor. I worked for Fedex for 9 years.

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