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Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Fifth Third Bank operates within branch and commercial banking, consumer lending, payment processing, investment advising, and title insurance. With over 21,600 employees, full-time and part-time positions open up regularly for entry-level candidates.

Facts About Working at Fifth Third Bank

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Fifth Third Bank?)

Available Positions: Bank Teller, Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Personal Banker, Loan Officer, Assistant Manager, Branch Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Fifth Third Bank Job Opportunities

Established on July 17, 1858 as the Bank of the Ohio Valley, the company maintains a long history of acquisitions and mergers leading up to the current name. Employees find wide ranges of challenging career areas, such as auditing, wholesale and consumer banking, corporate facilities, risk management, marketing, and operations. Workers enjoy diverse career fields, with varied scheduling options. Leadership and professional development curriculums build skills and core business values. Full-time employees enjoy up to $5,000 in tuition assistance, as well. All positions maintain eligibility for individualized job-related training from day one.

The bank provides environments focusing on individual strengths and skills. Employees routinely complete surveys measuring performance levels. Positive work atmospheres originate from team meetings. Outstanding customer service comes from workers proud of the company and the work performed. Fifth Third Bank received the Great Workplace Award from Gallup in 2012 suggesting employees feel connected, valued, and supported by the financial institution. Engagement, diversity, and inclusion lead the way for future success among workers.

Fifth Third Bank Employment and Wages Information

Applicants considering the banking industry find numerous opportunities available with Fifth Third Bank. Candidates must possess high school diplomas or equivalents. On occasion, work experience may negate required education. Hopefuls must maintain flexible schedules to gain employment. Business hours generally range Monday through Saturday with late evenings during the week. Employees must also demonstrate sound customer service skills. Positions frequently stand available in the following job titles:


  • In accordance with Fifth Third policies, tellers provide customer service in daily transactions, customer inquiries, and problem resolutions.
  • Employees possess friendly demeanors and always honor client confidentiality.
  • Workers handle cash and process customer transactions.
  • The position also requires sound judgement and the ability to locate and correct errors.
  • One year of previous bank, retail, or sales experience holds mandatory for prospective candidates.
  • Applicants should impress hiring managers with advanced mathematics skills, computer proficiency, and the ability to stand for most of the day, as well.
  • Tellers enter training processes for lead positions after hire dates.
  • Extensive online and in-class opportunities remain available for advancement.

Customer Service Representative

  • Hourly wages of $10.00 to $15.00 stand available to qualified customer-oriented individuals.
  • In call center environments, representatives handle complex telephone calls while providing top-notch customer service.
  • Employees tackle questions and problems by using resources available and job knowledge.
  • Based on customer needs, workers inform clients about relevant bank products and services.
  • With familiarity of current policies and procedures, team members explain information clearly during inquiries.
  • Recruiters seek candidates with data-entry experience, basic computer knowledge, and telephone communication skills.

Administrative Assistant

  • Assistants provide administrative support for assigned units.
  • Serving as liaisons with others within and outside the bank, employees handle issues related to purchasing, personnel, facilities, and operations.
  • Salary packages often start around $23,000 a year and increase base on previous experience and length at the company.
  • Individuals should posses advanced computer skills and properly read, write, and edit for general business correspondences.
  • Prerequisite skills assist workers in the daily operation of sorting mail, screening phone calls, arranging meetings, typing letters, and faxing.
  • Administrative assistants also maintain confidential file systems and prepare monthly reports.

Tips For Applying

The online career portal outlines available areas of interest for prospective applicants. Candidates establish online profiles to initiate hiring processes. By providing information, individuals fill out application forms to later apply for specific positions. To ease the process, job seekers upload resumes onto the system and information prepopulates. Hopefuls search through job listings and match positions based on qualifications and interests. Job carts allow online users opportunities to submit multiple applications at once. Automatic email acknowledgements accompany submissions. Applicants may also arrive in-person to hand deliver resumes and meet hiring managers.

Application Status

Recruiters review resumes and application forms and identify qualified matches. Managers from hiring departments contact candidates with the next steps in the interview process. While waiting to hear from recruiters, applicants should practice anticipated interview questions and prepare answers. Job seekers should also research positions and Fifth Third Bank to develop company-specific questions. Generally, hopefuls hear back from recruiters within a week, with the entire process taking three weeks. Eager candidates expedite procedures by calling or stopping into branches to follow up on application statuses.

Benefits of Working for Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank encourages employees to build lasting careers by offering incentives. Job benefits allow workers to plan for the future while meeting present needs. After 30 days, individuals earn eligibility for:

  • 401(k) retirement plans and health coverage to include dental, vision, and medical insurance.
  • The wellness program powered by Humana Vitality improves the quality of employee lives through education, prevention, fitness, and healthy living.
  • Part-time and full-time workers also accrue paid time off in the form of paid vacations and sick time.
  • Other employment benefits range from educational support and employee assistance programs to discounts with participating merchants and life insurance.

More Information on Fifth Third Bank

The bank partners with NextJob, an employment solutions company, to offer assistance to unemployed mortgage borrowers facing default. Fully paid for by Fifth Third Bank, the program grants mortgagees job search assistance, dedicated coaching, weekly webinars, and occupational software. The first financial institution to offer the service, the Ohio bank recognizes half of mortgage delinquencies result from job loss. Successful participants feel empowered by possessing the knowledge to reenter the workforce. By demonstrating customer commitment, the company acknowledges both parties suffer when homes foreclose.


  • Jeri Williams says:

    Yes I have worked for Fifth Third Bank before as a temp through a temp service in 2002. My position was switchboard operator in which also lead to doing light under writing duties and installment loans, included the responsibility of writing out large amounts of checks.

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