Fifth Third Bank Job Interview Questions & Tips

What to Expect

The Fifth Third Bank interview process typically consists of phone interviews followed by one or more face-to-face interviews, which may be conducted by recruiters or managers within the hiring department. In a face-to-face interview, an applicant may interact with one interviewer or a panel consisting of key hiring staff. Regardless of the interview format, applicants should show up prepared and ready to put the best foot forward with the retail bank.

Keys to Preparation

Fifth Third Bank suggests applicants take multiple steps in preparation for job interviews. First, candidates should research the company and think of some questions to ask the interviewer. Next, applicants may want to practice answering common interview questions for the industry. Additionally, job seekers want to consider job-specific questions that may come up. Candidates for customer service personnel jobs typically face sales and customer care questions, while managerial applicants often need to answer leadership and coaching questions.

Making a Good First Impression

A good first impression is important. Applicants should arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early to interviews. Fifth Third Bank suggests that applicants bring additional resumes to the interview. If relevant, job seekers should bring portfolios with their best work samples. All job hunters need to bring pens and notepads for jotting down information. Job hopefuls should tailor appearances to fit the bank's professional standards. To kick off the interview, candidates should offer firm handshakes, speak with exuberance, and show confident body language.

Highlight Any Relevant Experience

Applicants need to answer each question thoroughly, but remember to keep responses direct and focused on the interviewer's answers. Additionally, candidates should remember to keep answers honest. Job hopefuls want to focus on highlighting skills, interests, and experience. At the conclusion of the interview, applicants should thank all interviewers for the opportunity, and then check in with Fifth Third Bank a with a thank you email a day or two later.

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