Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Interview Questions & Tips

Starting the Process

Blooming Brands-owned property Fleming's Prime Steakhouse hires on entry-level and managerial candidates to operate close to 70 locations nationwide. Entry-level applicants typically participate in one 30- to 60-minute interview with a manager at a location. Managerial positions require a more intensive hiring process, and applicants meet with multiple managers in different interview sessions spanning phone, 1:1, or panel formats. The upper-level hiring process may take a week and a half to one month to complete.

Answering Interview Questions

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse applicants should wear business formal attire to the job interview and take care to look well-kempt and clean. Hiring staff often discuss position-specific topics and ask food service related questions during job interviews. Servers and hosts may respond to inquiries like: "Have you ever served before?", "How would you deal with a needy table?" and "How would previous employers describe your work ethic?" Bartenders field questions about previous experience, specialty drinks, and, especially, wines. Managerial applicants answer to interrogations regarding leadership, customer service, and personality. Upper-level job interview questions may include, "How would you solve a dispute between two subordinates?" and "What type of management style do you prefer?"

Relating Past Experiences

Investigating company history and culture proves helpful preparation as candidates with a working knowledge of Fleming's Prime Steakhouse may impress hiring personnel. Applicants should also review work history to recall relevant examples to use when responding to scenario based inquiries. Respond to each question amicably, keeping answers concise and coherent. Show gratitude to hiring personnel for the opportunity at the end of each interview.

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