Fogo de Chao Interview Questions & Tips

Typical Work Environments

Brazilian-inspired steakhouse chain Fogo de Chao remains committed to providing upscale and classy dining experiences. The restaurant frequently hires new associates who can function in the particular work environment. The upmarket restaurant chain uses the interview process as a tool to find the most skilled, eager, and dedicated individuals to add to the workforce. With the right amount of preparation and confidence, applicants may perform extremely well during the interview process.

Setting the Right Tone and Answering Questions

Despite the high-end image Fogo de Chao often emits, the interview process actually features rather simple proceedings. Most locations use 1:1 interview formats between applicants and managers. Standard interview questions include: "How do you deal with difficult customers?", "What are some of your favorite restaurants?", and "Can you work late nights and weekends?" Candidates may also be asked to describe themselves in detail. Interviewees must freely discuss personality, work skills, and other positive qualities. Essentially, applicants must highlight why they are the best selection for the job. Candidates should also dress properly for the occasion, as the restaurant chain operates as upscale establishments. Attending the interview wearing professional attire, clean-shaven, and demonstrating hygienic practices may help set the right tone for the meeting.

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