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How to Get a Job at Follett

Follett, formally known as Follett Corporation, operates as a prominent book retailer with a particular emphasis on college textbook sales and distribution to libraries. The company maintains over 900 physical bookstore locations, which offer job seekers widespread opportunities for employment. The bookseller mainly conducts brief recruitment processes, usually consisting of only one or two hiring sessions. Applicants begin the hiring process online or in-store. Based on information submitted to a location of choice the national book supplier contacts eligible workers to schedule interviews. Job interviews often last only 15 to 20 minutes and feature short conversations between candidates and store managers. Most job seekers set up start dates before leaving the initial interview. Other candidates, namely aspiring managers, may need to participate in follow-up interviews to further determine eligibility.

Interview Questions Vary by Position

The average Follett job interview takes place onsite in back areas of store locations. Specific interview questions put to potential employees vary by position. Cashiers may field interview questions about experience with computers or abilities interfacing with customers. A typical stock associate interview question may include, "Are you able to perform regular manual labor without any issues?" Interview questions often take the form of situational prompts for managers, such as: "If an employee was stealing from the company, and you became aware of this, how would you handle the situation?" or "What are some ways you would work to improve profits and daily operations?" Basic interview questions range from, "Why do you want to work here?" to "Do you have any experience in retail?" or "Do you enjoy books?"


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