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Supermarket cooperative Foodtown provides employment to grocery store workers throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Despite featuring independent ownership, each store location within a given state uses the same application form to obtain the work history, schedule availability, and other necessary information of job seekers applying for employment online. Applicants with availability throughout the week and the willingness to work nights, weekends, and holidays typically enjoy the strongest hiring consideration for Foodtown jobs.

Facts About Working at Foodtown

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Foodtown?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Courtesy Clerk, Service Deli Clerk, Meat Cutter, Deli Clerk, Grocery Clerk, Assistant Deli Manager, Deli Manager, Bakery Clerk, Meat Wrapper, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Foodtown Employment

The majority of Foodtown store associates hold entry-level job titles like stocker and cashier. Each department within the supermarket also employs entry-level workers as clerks. Job seekers applying for clerk positions may choose from a variety of worksites, including in-store bakeries, meat and seafood departments, and produce sections. The regional food retailer even hires entry-level applicants to work as drivers and deliver groceries to customers taking advantage of online ordering services. As most entry-level grocery store jobs involve customer service, each prospective associate needs to have an outgoing personality and a professional appearance.

In addition to offering entry-level employment on a consistent basis, Foodtown supermarkets frequently hire experienced candidates to work as managers at each level of store operations. Regularly available managerial job titles include department manager, assistant manager, and general or store manager. Hiring for management vacancies takes place both externally and internally, with current entry-level associates often earning promotions into leadership roles over time. Available management positions demand specific skills and certain levels of knowledge typically acquired through previous experience and, for more advanced job titles, a relevant academic background.

Foodtown Job Openings and Pay Scales

While applicants as young as 16 often find entry-level work at Foodtown grocery stores, many job openings impose a minimum hiring age of 18. Pay scales generally reflect the level of employment, with hourly associates usually starting out around minimum wage. Each manager typically receives an annual salary based on job title and experience. Potential workers interested in gaining access to competitive pay and other employment benefits should apply online for the following jobs:

Department Clerk

  • An entry-level position, department clerk jobs involve a range of duties specific to the particular work setting.
  • Bakery clerks, for instance, prepare and package baked goods for display, while deli clerks operate specialized equipment to portion and weigh requested quantities of lunchmeat and other items.
  • Other job duties common to all department clerks include various customer service, housekeeping, and merchandising responsibilities.
  • Fulfilling the special requests of shoppers and assisting in the replenishment of the sales floor make up substantial components of department clerk jobs.
  • Hourly pay rates for Foodtown department clerks typically range from minimum wage to about $9.00 or $10.00.


  • Primarily responsible for manning checkout stations, cashiers often serve as the face of Foodtown stores.
  • Daily job responsibilities range from ringing up purchases and collecting payments to handling customer inquiries and ensuring the correct pricing of merchandise.
  • Cashiers also clean and stock the sales counter, bag groceries as needed, and promote store initiatives to customers.
  • Applicants with strong interpersonal and math skills usually enjoy the best chances of landing cashier jobs.
  • Often starting from minimum wage pay, experienced cashiers at certain store locations may earn as much as $11.00 or $12.00 an hour.


  • Foodtown supermarkets each retain a management team dedicated to the total commercial success of the store.
  • Comprising various job titles, management careers generally entail the achievement of financial targets and the supervision and development of entry-level employees.
  • Essential job duties include creating and meeting sales goals, reducing costs to increase store profitability, maintaining proper quantities of inventory, and coordinating the effective presentation of merchandise on the sales floor.
  • Managers also hire new employees, process work schedules and payroll, and promote high standards of customer service storewide.
  • Previous management experience typically serves as the primary hiring requirement applicants must fulfill, with certain academic backgrounds sometimes preferred, as well.
  • Salary options for managers generally start around $30,000 per year and often exceed $50,000 annually, depending on job title.

Tips For Applying

Known for community-oriented business models, Foodtown grocery stores serve the greater Atlantic region and offer thousands of job opportunities. Applicants looking for entry-level work or professional careers must submit official hiring forms for employment consideration. The documents remain available onsite at the supermarket locations. Candidates may also access employment opportunities via email through the company website. Regardless of method chosen to apply for work, job hopefuls should visit desired storefronts personally to understand the merchandise layouts, gain an appreciation for the surrounding communities, and meet with potential coworkers to establish rapports. Applicants may also submit resumes as formal employment documents.

Application Status

The average Foodtown applicant spends about a week going through the necessary procedures to receive a job offer. Candidates may call or visit stores to check on the statuses of applications or inquire more about the hiring process at any time following formal submission of application forms. Calling stores a day or two after to ask about how to set up an interview shows dedication and determination to land work. Visiting stores after making the initial phone call solidifies the motives and offers managers a closer look at applicant verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Benefits of Working at Foodtown

All employees hired at Foodtown enjoy certain job benefits, including competitive base pay, flexible work schedules, and opportunities for career growth. Store managers and other full-time associates often qualify for comprehensive employment benefits packages, as well. In addition to attractive salary options, work benefits packages typically feature:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Paid vacation time, and
  • 401(k) retirement plans as well as other supplementary perks

Additional Information on Foodtown

Independently owned and operated, Foodtown supermarkets combine to form a cooperative network of roughly 60 stores located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and, most extensively, New York. The cooperative of grocery retailers offers special services like catering, online ordering, and home delivery to complement traditional supermarket offerings. The Eastern U.S. grocer also partners with registered dieticians to bring health tips, recipes, and other useful information to customers.


  • Anthony says:

    It takes several of years to move from cashier to Store Manager….If you apply yourself and take up Business Management in a local Community College to earn your Associates Degree and Marketing, you will find this career to be rewarding..

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