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Foot Locker pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Foot Locker Application

American sportswear and footwear company Foot Locker routinely seeks applicants to fill positions in stores across the world. With approximately 45,000 employees, candidates must stand out and make positive impressions in order to successfully join existing teams. While online applications may remain widely available, individuals should fill out paper forms to gain attention of hiring leaders on-the-spot. Printout submissions allow candidates to see required questions at once and gather the necessary information at leisure. Ideal job seekers spend a good amount of time carefully reviewing the form and answer without the pressure of speeding through the application process.

Aspirants come prepared to local retail stores with paper applications in hand. Arriving during slow times ensures hiring managers take the time to review submissions immediately. An organized individual provides a legible application, dresses professionally, possesses excellent communication skills, and highlights the necessary experience required on forms. Ideally, candidates may undergo same-day interviews and should allow extra time for meeting with managers on-duty.

How to Fill out the Foot Locker PDF Application

Written clearly and free of errors, paper applications represent a simple and easy way to apply for positions in person. Potential workers should only provide accurate and correct information on the printout. By downloading the PDF and printing out the form, candidates receive the latest paper application for Foot Locker. Aspirants may print out multiple copies and apply to multiple local outlets.

“Contact Information”
Workers begin with the question of where candidates plan to submit the forms, i.e. Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports, CCS, or Footaction. Next, potential employees list openings desired and the types of work requested, such as full-time, part-time, seasonal, or any. Basic personal details like full name, date available, email address, phone number, and complete permanent address also remain necessary. Contenders must stand over the age of 16 years old to work for the company. Aspirants indicate if over 18 years old on the submission form.

The process moves onto work-related questions and availability. A list of times and days appear with checkboxes, which job hunters mark if available in the morning or evening of each weekday presented. Other questions request if the individual stands able to relocate for training purposes, minimum salary expected, and if ever employed with the company previously. Aspirants selecting Yes must describe the reason for leaving, which location, and the dates of employment. The form progresses to background details about criminal history and theft-related misdemeanors. Convicted job hopefuls must explain the felony or misdemeanor charges in the box provided. Lastly, aspirants indicate the ability to speak any other languages outside of English.

“Employment History”
Beginning with the most recent employers, prospective employees list the last four companies employed by. The spaces appear similarly and require the names of each company, job titles, employment dates, addresses, phone numbers, reasons for leaving, supervisors, and pay rates. Inquiries about specific work performed and job responsibilities follow. Ideally, candidates connect former job duties to ones related to the sought-after job openings. Recruiters may contact the companies as references if given permission.

“Education Background”
An easy-to-fill-out chart appears next for aspirants to list previous education and schooling. Three spaces allow for multiple institutions with the questions the same for each one. The basics include the name of the school, number of years attended, school type, if graduated, degree or diploma earned, and concentration of coursework. After filling in the spaces for each school attended, applicants provide any specialized job-related training or apprenticeship programs completed.

A brief section for professional references deems necessary in order to complete the application. Contenders list two business references in the provided spaces. Information to include varies from name and relationship to years known, phone number, and email address. Personal references should not appear in the chart, as the shoe store discourages referents of familial or friendly relations.

The last category of the printable PDF form questions if the applicant possesses any other names used at previously held jobs and the sources for locating the opening in question. A short statement explains hiring practices and legal notifications, such as right to work in the United States. The end of the form requests a signature and date from the contender.