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Footaction operates as a nationally renowned shoe retailer, with prominence in shopping malls throughout the United States. Applicants may find work through nearly 320 locations offering part-time and full-time entry-level jobs and professional careers.

Facts About Working at Footaction

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Footaction?)

Available Positions: Cashier, customer service representative, management, sales associate, warehouse associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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Footaction Job Vacancies

Known for selling athletic apparel, Footaction locations primarily sell shoes and related merchandise. Stores regularly receive high volumes of foot traffic and increased patronage during holiday shopping seasons due to locations operating inside of popular malls and other frequented and centralized commerce centers. Job seekers looking for work with the pronounced retail chain must feel comfortable engaging customers in both fast-paced and relaxed atmospheres. Daily responsibilities usually consist of recommending products and fitting customers with merchandise. Excellent interpersonal abilities and genuine passion for fitness and footwear in particular serve as general hiring requirements.

Customer service and sales represent two major components of entry-level Footaction jobs. Employees meet and greet customers in addition to performing sales and stock duties, depending on the position desired. A majority of each shift includes welcoming patrons and explaining products and services. Associates work both sales floors and cash counters, with assigned duties often changing as needed. Basic product knowledge and genial personalities commonly improve odds of hiring consideration; however, workers with no formal job histories regularly join entry-level staffs. Individuals in pursuit of managerial careers need related backgrounds in retail or as leaders in similar environments to gain employment.

Footaction Employment Opportunities and Wages

Clothing and footwear sold in store embody the spirit of the street and reflect largely metropolitan styles and trends. Applicants able to effectively communicate and recommend fashions available to customers and meet the minimum age of 16 routinely gain employment. Specific work available generally falls under the following job titles:

Sales Associate

  • Stationed on foot and charged with interacting with patrons, sales associates take active roles in operations.
  • Daily responsibilities include selling products, monitoring and allowing access to fitting rooms, operating cash registers, processing transactions, and explaining store policies.
  • Sales associates must remain personable and enthusiastic at all times.
  • Some minor lifting may occur on the job, as sales associates regularly assist in stocking shelves and basic cleaning.
  • At time of hire, sales associates should expect to earn around minimum wage, with opportunities for pay increases over time and with promotion.


  • Motivated entry-level employees often receive promotion into shift lead, assistant manager, and store manager job titles.
  • Shift lead associates enjoy key-holder responsibilities, including opening and closing store locations, training staff, setting work schedules, and supervising subordinate employees.
  • Assistant store managers and store managers hire new workers, set sales goals, order merchandise, design merchandise layouts, and market promotions.
  • Experience within the company typically benefits prospective managers.
  • Footaction also outsources for managerial talent.
  • Shift leads and assistant managers need only high school educations for employment consideration, in most cases.
  • Store managers may need college degrees in related fields.
  • The footwear and athletic apparel retailer sets the minimum age for hiring consideration at 18 for careers in management.
  • Shift lead associates often work part-time and earn slightly above minimum wage.
  • Assistant managers assume both part-time and full-time schedules and make between $10.00 and $11.00 hourly.
  • Strictly full-time store manager positions yield annual salary options in excess of $45,000.

Tips For Applying

Footaction retail locations proudly offer inclusive work environments. Applicants should fit company culture prior to submitting hiring forms, including personal enjoyment of styles and merchandise sold in stores. While experience in retail operations often aids candidates in finding work with the prominent chain, self-starting applicants able to carry out responsibilities individually and as part of teams typically receive additional review. Reliable transportation and open availability also factor into hiring decisions.

Application Status

The Footaction hiring process regularly takes place on the recommendation of employee referrals. Workers receiving employee referrals usually spend less than a day going through the necessary procedures for employment. Handing in physical applications also results in an expedited hiring process, with walk-in submissions taking a day or two for both processing and interviewing to occur. Hiring needs mostly vary store to store. After submitting hiring forms, workers who fail to hear back from the retail chain may call, email, or visit desired storefronts a week or so later to check on outstanding applications. Use the opportunities to speak directly with management, if possible, and inquire about potential timelines regarding formal review.

Benefits of Working at Footaction

As part of major international corporation Foot Locker, Footaction workers receive outstanding treatment. Employees enjoy fun, exciting, and supportive work settings conducive to personal and professional growth. Associates receive competitive base pay and attractive salary options, paid training programs, and career growth potential. Qualified employees also receive job benefits packages, including:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid time off
  • Healthcare coverage, and
  • Employee discounts.

More Details on Footaction

Footaction parent company Foot Locker formed a national nonprofit in 2001 called Foot Locker Foundation, which benefits youths across the country. The charity offers opportunities for underprivileged students and young athletes to achieve life-long dreams through fundraising, scholarships, and sponsorship. Foot Locker Foundation partners with other youth-oriented charities, such as Boys & Girls Club of America and American Cancer Society to promote healthy lifestyles in young persons.


  • Melanie says:

    I worked for Foot Action one year ago. It was a great opportunity to grow and see where you stand in the business industry. The interaction with people and making sure they feel welcomed was one of my expectations right away. I always made sure the client was purchasing something and never unsatisfied with their decisions. The experience was great and I loved working with my fellow employees.

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