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Do you like expressing your fashion sense through footwear and think you would have fun helping other people do the same?

Shoe Store Industry

In 2012, nearly 190,000 people worked in footwear outlets in the United States, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 28,500 of the workers as holding the role of manager, while the remaining 160,000 or so held entry-level rankings. Demand drives the industry as new merchandise and designs come into the market as well as the relatively limited longevity of shoes necessitating replacement purchases about every few years or so.

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Duties and Pay

Shoe stores sell footwear for men, women, and children in casual, dress, and athletic varieties as well as specialized items such as rain waders, hiking sneakers, and slippers, and traditionally gender-specific items such as high-heels and steel-toe work boots. Retail sales workers help customers decide on footgear sized correctly and appealing to patron aesthetics and, usually, current fashion trends. Workers must stay aware of current stylistic trends to continue offering high-quality input to consumers. Employees working in the shoe store industry should also possess knowledge of the different types of orthotic shoe inserts which many companies stock, including products intended to improve sports performance, provide comfort, or serve corrective orthopedic purposes. Generally, sales employees in shoe stores perform shelf stocking, inventory, and cashier duties, as well. Most retail employees make roughly $9.00 per hour, while managers earn about $18.00 hourly on average. Supervising employees may order product supplies, decide on special sales promotions, and train new workers.

Work at a Shoe Store

Entry-level jobs often remain available to employment hopefuls 16 years and older at most shoe stores. Previous retail experience remains desirable for the best job prospects, although not decidedly mandatory for employment consideration, overall. Customer-service skills and fashion sense benefit potential employees. Companies may prefer to hire applicants for management positions with high school diplomas or equivalents over other workers.

Popular Shoe Store Job Descriptions

Cashier/Sales Associate – Smaller and more specialized than many other types of retail outlets, shoe stores often combine the functions of a cashier and sales associate into a single position. Entry-level shoe store jobs therefore involve assisting customers at checkout stations as well as on the sales floor. Typical duties range from greeting arriving shoppers and describing current promotions to keeping the sales floor stocked and helping customers navigate the process of trying on shoes. Employees commonly respond to requests for assistance by locating shoes in the appropriate size and preparing the items for fitting. Shoe store associates also measure the feet of customers and ensure the proper fit of selected merchandise. Asking questions to determine the footwear needs of shoppers regularly occurs on the job, as well. Sales representatives typically qualify for employment at shoe stores by demonstrating proficiency in customer service, good taste in fashion, and passion for stylish footwear. Previous experience in fashion retail or footwear generally increases the chances of landing a shoe store job and may even prove necessary, in some cases. Entry-level shoe store associates often stand and move around on the job, frequently work evenings and weekends, and generally earn between $9.00 and $11.00 an hour.

Manager – Shoe store managers maintain responsibility for an assortment of daily tasks essential to the successful operation of the business. Managerial responsibilities often involve administrative duties, such as ordering new merchandise, preparing budgets and accounting for expenditures, and coordinating promotional activities. Supervisors also schedule and oversee work shifts, deal with disgruntled customers, and develop a workforce of talented employees by recruiting, hiring, and training the most capable employees possible. The advanced position typically represents a full-time career and often features a combination of early and late work shifts, as the manager needs to open and close the shoe store each day. Ideal candidates for managerial jobs generally boast an extensive history of working in retail and already possess management or supervisory experience. Some shoe stores prefer managers with advanced levels of education, as well. Shoe store managers earn an average hourly wage of more than $18.00, which produces an annual salary of roughly $38,000.