Ford Dealership Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring Processes Vary From Dealership to Dealership

A renowned automobile manufacturer with over 5,000 dealerships in the United States, Ford interviews potential associates for sales, customer service, and technician positions with regularity. Depending on the dealership, applicants submit job request forms online, through employee referrals, or submission directly to the location of desired employment. Managers typically contact job seekers via email or telephone to schedule interviews. Applicants who submit hiring forms in-person may receive on- the-spot job interviews during slow hours. Overall, the hiring process varies, though most dealerships implement streamlined employment processes consisting of face-to-face interviews with managers, personality assessments, drug testing, and criminal background checks. Applicants are often required to have clean driving records, as well.

Answering Questions About Sales

Ford looks for talented, enthusiastic, driven, and well-dressed associates to sell cars. Applicants interviewing for sales positions field prompts like: "Where do you see yourself in three years?", "Tell me what you know about the Ford brand," and "How would you start a conversation with a customer who seems uninterested?" Answer interview questions positively and confidently. Bring up past work experience to prove qualifications when necessary, especially in terms of previous jobs in sales. Job interviews usually end with salary discussions. While negotiation is possible, most dealers implement strict, commission-based pay scales.

Typical Customer Service Interview Questions

The renowned car company also needs hardworking customer service representatives with optimistic demeanors to assist salespeople, technicians, and guests. Dress in professional attire and arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for Ford job interviews. Employment hopefuls competing for customer service jobs respond to inquiries like: "Why do you want to work for Ford?", "How would you calm down an irate customer?", and "Can you work long hours on your feet?" Candidates should keep answers focused on guest satisfaction and teamwork, if possible.

Certifications and Accreditations May Be Necessary

Dealerships authorized to sell Ford vehicles also look for applicants equipped with all the necessary tools and accreditations to fill technician vacancies. Future technicians should arrive early to job interviews with the proper certifications in-hand. Business-casual typically serves as appropriate apparel for technician applicant interviews. Hiring managers pose inquiries to assess candidates' brand awareness, technical knowledge, education, and problem solving abilities. Research current trends in the automotive industry and review employment history prior to the interview to better respond to each question. Convey gratitude to the interviewer for his/her time and conclude the meeting with a firm handshake.


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