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Forever 21 pdf application

What Should I Do With This Form?

Download the PDF application from the image above, and follow the instructions on this page to complete it. Then, you can take it to a nearby Forever 21 for review. Otherwise, find out about applying online here. You can also start looking for jobs near you.

Why Apply at Forever 21?

Forever 21 is a successful fashion retail store and a mall fixture across America. Flexible hours make the company’s part-time jobs a great choice for busy people. As with other retailers, the entry-level work offered by the brand is perfect for those starting out.

It is possible to apply online, but it can be good to submit a job application by hand. This gives hopefuls the chance to make a strong first impression. In addition, it helps the hiring manager to see a real person, rather than just words on paper.

Completing a PDF Application for Forever 21

The Forever 21 job application has two pages. It lists several questions that give store managers insight about an applicant’s work qualifications. Requirements include past employment, availability, and desired position.

Personal Information

The first section of the Forever 21 application requests personal details. Applicants should enter their name, address, phone number, and other contact info. This is how the company will get in touch if they choose to hire the candidate.

Next, it asks about work eligibility due to citizenship and age. Workers at Forever 21 must be 18 years old. Job hopefuls can list employment and application history with the company, and designate an emergency contact.

Employment Desired

In this part of the application form, candidates select a job to apply for. They should also write their hours to work each day, as well as a date to start and preferred salary or hourly wages. These facts help the staff make hiring decisions.

Employment History

The next portion covers previous employers. Potential hires can fill out this section of the application form or attach a resume. It requires details on past pay rates, duties, and reasons for leaving. Keep in mind that it only asks for the two most recent jobs.


Here, applicants tell how they learned of the open job. There are also spaces to disclose any relatives or friends who have worked for Forever 21 or similar companies.

Finishing the Forever 21 Application

Carefully review the entire application form to ensure everything is complete. Read the certification at the end, which lists terms and conditions of work. When finished, sign and date the bottom. Then deliver it in person to a local Forever 21.

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