Four Seasons Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at Four Seasons

As a luxury hotel chain delivering five-star service, Four Seasons takes hiring very seriously. Each vacant position within the internationally renowned network of hotels and resorts takes a minimum of four separate job interviews to fill. The chain developed such an intensive interview process to recruit employees with the right attitudes for providing five-star customer service on a constant basis. While relevant skills remain important for job seekers to have, the hotelier focuses more on using interviews to identify candidates dedicated to the utmost in guest care, professionalism, and personal growth.

An Interview in Steps

The first step in the interview process usually involves a basic screening session directed by a representative from the human resources department. Often held over the phone, the opening interview mainly includes general questions like: "What does customer service mean to you?" and "Jobs at Four Seasons are demanding, with long hours. Why do you want to do it?" The next two interviews applicants go through are behavioral in nature and conducted by applicable members of Four Seasons hotel management. Job seekers frequently must draw on past experiences when responding to typical interview questions, such as: "Can you talk about a time when you had to change the way you do things?" or "If a guest is waiting for service and the phone starts ringing, what do you do?" From there, successful candidates meet and interact with the hotel general manager as part of the final step in the interview process.

Dress for Success and Show Genuine Interest for Customer Service

Interviewees should recognize the upscale quality of the brand and dress in traditional corporate wear for any meetings with hotel hiring representatives.Employees are known worldwide for going above and beyond in meeting the needs of guests, which inherently obliges potential workers to show genuine care for customers during each phase of the interview process. Four Seasons normally updates candidates on the outcome of the interview within three weeks. Job seekers still interested in the position should follow up with the luxury hotel chain at that time.


  • Sydney says:

    I’ve recently interviewed with them. I submitted a resume on line and got a call back in a week. I interviewed with the HR manager and am waiting to hear back. I was asked a lot of situational questions. Tell me a time when you had to change the way you communicated based on who you were speaking to, Tell me about your biggest accomplishements in your current position, tell me about a time when you didn’t agree with a managment descison and how you got through it. Very basic interview questions. A big one for them is also, “why do you want this job.”

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