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Fox's Pizza Den pdf application

Benefits of Printing out the Fox’s Pizza Den Application

Notoriously busy places, pizza shops offer job hunters little in the way of downtime to speak with managers when filling out paper applications onsite. However, completing the forms ahead of time, at home, using downloadable PDF versions of the documents and returning filled in applications allows more room for personal, one-on-one meetings with recruitment personnel to take place. Arriving with the forms in hand and ready to submit demonstrates preparedness, and the time individuals need to fill in the employment requests may then serve as opportunities to ask about the position for hire, potential coworkers, company cultures, and other aspects of employment with Fox’s Pizza Den.

How to Fill out the Fox’s Pizza Den PDF Application

Applicants complete Fox’s Pizza Den hiring requests from top to bottom using blue or black ink. Five distinct sections appear on the employment forms, including personal contact information, availability, work history, and education. Job hopefuls must also sign and date the documents at the bottom of the two-page set of papers to certify the information provided as accurate and true. Workers should expect to spend between 20 and 30 minutes filling in details. Note: some franchises may use reverse or collated sides as opposed to separate documents for the first and second pages.

“Application Information”
The general Application Information section collects contact info, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and email addresses, as well as positions desired, salary expectations, available start dates, and hour preferences. Candidates also need to indicate legal ability to work in the U.S. and mark part-time or full-time intentions. Check boxes appear for individuals to reveal criminal convictions and/or past employment with Fox’s Pizza Den. Yes answers require further action.

“Availability To Work”
A small chart with seven blank spaces for each day of the week appears under the Availability section. Workers fill in the chart with shift preferences for both morning and evening hours. Prospective associates also come across questions regarding willingness to work holidays and weekends, desires to work overtime, ability to travel, and current age. Individuals under the age of 18 must indicate as such and then list actual dates of birth on the line provided. A brief question at the bottom of the section asks workers to list the names of friends or relatives under the employ of Fox’s Pizza Den.

Fox’s Pizza Den hiring personnel also ask for candidate education information on the printable PDF form. Workers list academic backgrounds for high schools, colleges, and trade or vocational schools attended. Include the dates, locations, and indicate whether graduated. If so, input the types of degrees or diplomas received from each institution.

“Employment History”
The second page of the hiring form begins with a section titled Employment History. To enter in employment history, applicants start with current or most recent positions and provide the names, phone numbers, addresses, former supervisors, job titles, starting and ending salary options, responsibilities, dates employed, and reasons for leaving each post. Candidates must also sign off for Fox’s Pizza Den to contact the past jobs. Spaces for up to three former positions appear in the section.

“Disclaimer and Signature”
Job hopefuls conclude the application with disclaimers and legal statements regarding at-will employment policies, dissemination of information, applicant rights, and formal investigations into worker backgrounds. Individuals should read the statements over carefully prior to submitting the forms to Fox’s Pizza Den locations. Satisfied with the terms laid out in the printable PDF, potential employees sign and date the document at the bottom of the second page on the appropriate lines.