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How to Get a Job at Fred Meyer

A massive department store chain, Fred Meyer employs highly skilled staff members across a multitude of departments. Areas of employment include retail, pharmacy, manufacturing, information systems, and corporate. To make the correct hiring decision, the retailer utilizes structured, competence-based evaluation processes in each career area. In most cases, applicants go through phone interviews and face-to-face interviews. With high volumes of applicants, may conduct group interviews as the initial mode of screening candidates. Some interviews may conclude with questionnaires.

Prepare for a Variety of Questions

The basic interview usually begins with common interview questions, such as: "What are you most excited about for coming to work for Fred Meyer?" and "What will you bring to Fred Meyer?" Topics then covered include work experience, education, and teamwork skills. Interviews for sales floor jobs with Fred Meyer, like cashier, sales associate, and clerk roles, often include behavioral questions. Typically customer-centered, behavioral questions include: "What would you do for an unhappy customer?", "When was a time you went above and beyond to please a customer?", and "What do you do if you come into work with a bad mood?"

A More-Involved Management Hiring Process

Management job hopefuls tend to face more involved interview processes with Fred Meyer. Composed of several rounds of evaluations, the managerial interview process includes private and panel interviews with store officials, like regional managers and store directors. Management job seekers are thoroughly questioned about past work experiences regarding leading teams, driving sales, and overseeing store operations. In most cases, interviewers look for anecdotes that exhibit desired qualities and skills. For example, a candidate may need to answer: "What is one of your proudest accomplishments?" Management candidates may also need to answer more open-ended questions, like: "How would you make Fred Meyer better?" and "What is the most important quality of a manager?"

Dress to Impress and Communicate Clearly

To impress hiring personnel, job hopefuls should attend Fred Meyer job interviews in professional attire. The department store chain looks for applicants with strong communication and people skills. Applicants should be articulate and demonstrate calm, comfortable body language throughout the interview. Additionally, candidates should maintain steady eye contact with interviewers. For all responses, applicants need to answer questions with brevity and honesty. To discern intent to hire, job hopefuls should contact personnel managers within two weeks of the last interview.


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