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Fred's serves as a popular general store banner in the Southeastern United States, with nearly 5,000 employees. The retailer sells health and beauty products, apparel, everyday household items, and many other kinds of merchandise. In-store pharmacies and the sale of tobacco products at many locations also help the company differentiate from the competition.

Facts About Working at Fred's

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Fred's?)

Available Positions: Retail Clerk, Sales Associate, Cashier, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Fred’s Job Opportunities

The chain of variety stores specializes in providing great deals on everyday products and needs to hire courteous employees to assist patrons with shopping needs and complete other store maintenance tasks. Entry-level vacancies like cashier and store associate represent ideal opportunities for inexperienced workers to hone customer service skills. Qualifications for entry-level jobs prove minimal, and talented workers often progress into management positions through advancement opportunities.

Upper-level staff at Fred’s keep stores operating smoothly by providing great customer service, leading employees, and performing administrative tasks. Workers with several years of experience in a retail atmosphere and/or leadership position typically make great candidates for upper-level jobs. The pharmaceutical department also provides attractive employment opportunities for certified pharmacists and workers looking to enter the medical field. Job seekers may submit an application online via the careers portal on the company website.

Fred’s Positions and Salary Information

Each Fred’s store employs customer service representatives and a team of managers to provide the utmost care and service to patrons. The chain requires potential employees to stand 18 years of age or older to receive hiring consideration. First-time job seekers under the age of 18 may qualify to work for the retailer with special work permits. The following list includes common duties and salary expectations for popular positions with the retailer:


  • Team members with the job title of cashier work at the frontend of the store greeting and assisting patrons with final transactions and keeping checkout aisles looking tidy.
  • Cashiers must work swiftly while scanning items, taking payments, and issuing change.
  • These associates also need to possess working knowledge of store layouts to help customers find products.
  • Cashiers may also work as stockers to maintain proper product levels in each department of the store and retrieve carts from the parking lot when necessary.
  • Frontend crew members must stand 18 or older to administer tobacco sales.
  • Cashiers typically start out making minimum wage.


  • Managerial job titles at Fred’s Super Dollar include operations expert and store manager.
  • Operations experts essentially assist the store managers with supervising employees, overseeing store cleanliness standards, providing optimal customer service, and performing any additional administrative tasks necessary to complete store processes.
  • Pay ranging from $8.50 to $10.00 an hour proves standard for Fred’s operations experts.
  • Store managers build and train teams of workers, implement sales plans, and endeavor to maintain and increase the overall profitability of the store via organizational tasks and strategic planning.
  • According to job postings on the company website, store manager salaries range from $40,000 to $50,000 annually, with additional bonus opportunities adding to final income.

Pharmacy Technician

  • Entry-level workers looking for employment in Fred’s pharmacies may obtain the job title of pharmacy technician.
  • A pharmacy technician typically works at the frontend of the department by taking prescription information, answering questions, operating cash registers, issuing filled medication containers, and maintaining pharmacy cleanliness.
  • Qualifications include a high school diploma, customer service experience, and some higher education.
  • Employees must also possess the ability to lift up to 50 pounds at a time to complete necessary duties.
  • Associates generally earn hourly pay between $10.00 and $11.00.

Tips For Applying

When applying online, job seekers must designate the desired position, submit contact information, and attach cover letters or resumes for hiring representatives to review. Applicants should update resumes with any new information. Additional resume adjustments may include rewording skill sets to fit the needs of the company. Before submitting, proofread the document several times to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and previous employer contact information.

Application Status

The Fred’s hiring process typically takes no more than a month to complete, and most associates cite hearing from recruitment staff via telephone a week or so after submitting online applications. Job seekers with a genuine desire to work at Fred’s should place a follow-up call to the location of desired employment a week after turning in an application if not contacted by a hiring manager. When following up on an application, job seekers should politely ask if the manager received the forms. Applicants may also visit a store in person to speak with a manager. Job seekers who follow up in person should demonstrate readiness to work by dressing in professional attire.

Benefits of Working at Fred’s

Employees may become eligible for work benefits like:

  • Medical
  • Dental, and vision insurance plans
  • Stock sharing programs
  • 401 (k) retirement plans, and paid time off at Fred’s

Other niceties include employee discount days several times a year and flexible scheduling. Job benefits packages vary by position, and entry-level staff may need to work a certain number of hours before qualifying to receive employee benefits.

Additional Information on Fred’s

Fred’s retains a loyal customer base by offering shopping perks like free blood-pressure screenings, weekly discounts, and loyalty cards for customers to access special deals. The retailer hosts customer appreciation days once a month and also offers other educational programs through in-store pharmacies. Besides providing health screenings, the discount store gives back to the community by donating to charitable organizations like Miracle of Life and United Way. The retailer also remains publicly held and traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol FRED.

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