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A specialty clothing brand offering the latest trends in fashion for women, Free People Apparel maintains over 75 locations through the United States and Canada and employs a sizeable workforce. Store teams consist of fashion-forward individuals capable of offering exceptional shopping experiences. To find the right people, the fashion retailer conducts year-round hiring.

Facts About Working at Free People Apparel

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Free People Apparel?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Key Holder, Merchandise Handler, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Bilingual Call Center Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, IT Support Services Representative, Quality Assurance and Vendor Compliance Supervisor, Warehouse Analyst Support

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Free People Apparel Job Opportunities

Free People bases hiring on personality over experience level. When looking at a prospective employee, the retail chain focuses on whether or not an individual matches the company culture. An inspiring, free-living brand embracing femininity, the retailer looks for smart, creative people who show initiative and sound work ethics. Key qualities the fashion chain seeks in employees include pride, loyalty, professionalism, curiosity, and genuine happiness. Love for the brand remains a requirement, as the chain wants associates to share the same passion for the company and product lines. Fashion blogging, participation in extracurricular activates, and past leadership help candidates demonstrate strong fits with the company culture.

The retail chain devotes efforts to help turn part-time jobs into full-time careers. Free People Apparel offers various support and training programs designed to give workers the skills to reach higher levels of success within the company. Entry-level workers may start out as stylists and utilize coaching and training from management and senior stylists to develop sales and service skills. With proper commitment, stylists may advance to senior stylist positions, which offer added responsibilities along with increased pay. Individuals interested in management roles may progress through manager in training programs or by advancing into assistant manager positions.

Free People Apparel Employment and Salary Information

Each retail location needs stylists and managers to maintain store operations. Job hopefuls looking for entry-level work may join the company as stylists. The position mainly entails customer service responsibilities and requires fashion-focused mindsets. Individuals with desires to lead may take interest in management roles with the company. Management jobs entail business operations and driving sales. All retail store jobs offer competitive pay increasing with experience. Candidates usually need to meet the age of 18 to receive hiring consideration. For an in-depth look at both positions, read the following position summaries:


  • Stylists share in-depth fashion knowledge with customers.
  • When guests enter the store, stylists offer warm greetings and ask questions to determine needs.
  • A typical day as a stylist includes giving suggestions and alternatives and providing assistance with finding and trying on clothing.
  • To promote purchasing, stylists need to encourage trying clothing on and offer to hold items at the cash register.
  • In some cases, stylists may need to locate items at other stores.
  • While ringing up purchases, stylists inquire if the purchase needs gift wrapping, requests the zip code or email address of each customer, issues a receipt, and explains the store return policy.
  • In addition to customer care, stylists uphold store visual standards, restock items, and maintain high levels of awareness toward loss prevention.
  • The average pay for a stylist falls between $9.00 and $10.50 an hour.

Store Manager

  • Managers uphold the unique company culture while meeting operational standards and sales goals.
  • With the assistance of visual managers and assistant managers, managers focus on the chain’s three P’s: people, process, and presentation.
  • In charge of leading people, managers mentor and motivate employees, drive a team-focused environment, and facilitate recruiting.
  • Processes include all functions of store operations.
  • Managers must ensure daily stock, maintain business awareness and drive sales goals, promote high standards of customer service and uphold all company policies.
  • Presentation duties entail planning and executing an effective visual environment and executing weekly visual objectives set out by home office.
  • The average store manager salary pays about $44,000 annually.

Tips for Applying

Candidates wishing to work with the fashion retailer should submit applications online by accessing the careers page of the company website. The careers page leads to the career center for parent company Urban Outfitters. Applicants must create job profiles to proceed. Once able to fill out the application, candidates should provide honest information and fill in as many of the text boxes as possible. Some information my not apply and the boxes may remain empty. A large section of the application includes behavioral questions requiring brief, essay-like answers. Candidates should provide thorough answers and use each box as an opportunity to show a fit with the company. To stand out from the competition, applicants should take time to provide original, thoughtful answers.

Application Status

After setting up a job account and submitting an online application, a candidate may view the application status by logging back into the accounts and looking under the jobs applied section. Initially after applying, the status shows a thanks-for-applying message to validate the application reached the company. The retailer reviews all applicants and contacts applicants selected for interview by phone or email. To improve your chances of receiving an interview, call the store a few days after submitting your application to ask about the timeline for the selection process and express your interest in the job. Hiring managers want to staff motivated workers, and the phone call may give a candidate a leg up in the hiring process.

Benefits of Working at Free People

Qualified associates receive a comprehensive employment benefits package with medical and future savings plans. Key job benefits employees may receive include:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Paid sick leave and 401(k) plans

Eligible workers may also earn service rewards and performance-based bonuses. All associates access wonderful discounts on clothing as well as flexible scheduling and a laid-back work environment.

More Information on Free People

Free People caters to women of who love music, art, and travel. Serving a specific clientele with diverse tastes, the specialty retailer offers an assortment of style choices ranging from the modest to sultry and elegant to tom-girl. Clothing options span everything from wardrobe essentials, like dresses, pants, tops, and skits, to shoes and accessories. With a catalog described as Boho, or Bohemian fashion, the retailer offers an eclectic, thrift-store-like selection where women feel free to mix and match to craft truly unique styles. Cozy lounging areas and handmade fixtures, like crocheted hangers, make shopping a satisfying, artistic experience. In addition to free-standing retail stores, the chain stocks clothing in top department stores and over 1,200 specialty boutiques nationwide.

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