Free People Apparel Job Interview Questions & Tips

Typical Interview Styles

Free People Apparel operates as a Bohemian-Style clothier for women. The popular retailer of eccentric styles relies heavily on the success of storefronts in addition to online retail ventures to remain prosperous. As such, the retailer consistently staffs retail locations in order to satisfy customer needs and provide excellent service. The hiring process operates similarly to other retailers, encouraging applicants to bring updated copies of resumes to each session during the hiring process. During hiring sessions, the company tests applicant style and personality using in-depth role-play and intensive questioning. Some job hopefuls may begin the interview process with phone interviews, while other candidates may jump right into face-to-face meetings with hiring personnel.

Common Interview Formats

The average applicant runs into a brief but highly scrutinizing hiring process for available jobs. First, applicants must submit the required materials for employment consideration. After reviewing applicant information, the retailer contacts the most eligible candidates to schedule job interviews and invites each high-potential employee to meet with a hiring manager to discuss employment history, relevant job skills, and availability. Depending on the success of the candidate during job interviews, an applicant may move on to another interview or receive a job offer on the spot. Common interview formats include one-to-one sessions with Free People Apparel district managers lasting roughly 10 to 20 minutes in length.

Role-Playing and Mock Selling

In some cases, Free People Apparel conducts coinciding interviews with multiple candidates. A popular method of screening multiple applicants includes instructing aspiring associates to pick outfits from the sales floor as a presentation of style, and then applicants mock-sell the items to the hiring managers. The better presentation often wins out; however, applicants must still sit through rounds of questioning, which may influence hiring decisions despite poor performance during the role-play portion of the interview.

Common Interview Questions

Interview questions commonly asked during hiring sessions include: “Why do you want to work for Free People Apparel?”, “Do you have any relevant retail experience?”, “What represents a Free People girl?”, and “How will you contribute to the Free People Apparel work environment?” Style and fashion sense go a long way for potential workers. Applicants should demonstrate hip, trendy, and niche attitudes during Free People Apparel job interviews.

Fitting the Lifestyle Proves Helpful

The retail chain caters to specific demographics and lifestyles. Applicants must be able to fit the molds of what Free People Apparel embodies, include more rustic, pastoral, and nostalgic lifestyles with modern flair in order to gain hiring consideration. At the conclusion of the hiring process, applicants who receive nods for employment must regularly fill out online paperwork finalizing work agreements. The brief survey includes topics such as drug policy, theft, and behavioral interview questions about potential coworkers or managers.


  • Melissa says:

    No drug test unless they suspect use during employment. They will not warn you.

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