Fresh and Easy Job Interview Questions & Tips

Typical Roles Available

Fresh & Easy, a food retailer with over 200 locations in the Western United States, looks for team members who go above and beyond to meet the needs of customers. The grocery store chain interviews candidates for managerial, corporate, distribution, internship, and a variety of retail positions. For entry-level employment, the regional food retailer looks for applicants to tend to the general appearances of store locations. Other duties may include assisting customers with finding products and offering helpful suggestions. Leadership and managerial positions revolve around promoting a positive work environment and keeping employees on task, with customer satisfaction the end goal of every assignment.

Answering Typical Interview Questions

Applicants should fill out the appropriate hiring forms online, after which hiring managers contact eligible workers to schedule an interview pending job openings. Interviews may be conducted over the phone in the initial phase of the hiring process. Other times, applicants participate in group interviews before being selected for 1:1 meetings with hiring representatives. Some questions posed at Fresh & Easy job interviews include: "Describe a time you had to finish an important job in a limited amount of time," and "Do you have any previous retail experience?" An interview may also include a math skills test and questions about behavior, past work experiences, and availability. Managerial applicants may be required to participate in multiple interview sessions with various higher-ups before gaining employment consideration from the supermarket chain.

Internships and Distribution Center Help

Fresh & Easy also offers internships to students and recent graduates. Interns are expected to work hard and tackle challenging projects while being mentored and trained by superiors. Prospective interns should express the desire to learn during the interview process. The overall corporate setting is progressive, with a focus on efficiency and environmental care. Applicants may also find employment opportunities within distribution centers. Distribution operations consist of fast-paced packing and delivery teams vital to the success of the West Coast food retailer.

Do Your Research

Job hopefuls should remain patient throughout the hiring process, which may last anywhere from a week to a month and a half. Making a good first impression stands paramount in the grocery store industry, and applicants should keep appearances and grooming in mind when preparing for the Fresh & Easy job interview. Potential Fresh & Easy crew members should show up to each interview with time to spare, dressed in professional attire. While initial pay for entry-level positions often proves nonnegotiable, comapny culture promotes hiring leadership from within. Candidates who show knowledge of company history and excitement to work on a team may gain preferential consideration after the interview. Applicants should thank the hiring representative for the opportunity and follow up on a decision within a few days of the final meeting.


  • phillip says:

    Applied ,emailed , invited to job fair and was blown off in less than a minute
    the worst unprofessional company i ever thought of working for
    would not take my resume .

  • Syds says:

    Phillip, was it the COMPANY or the individuals at the table who are the problem? What reason did they give you for not taking your resume?

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