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How to Get a Job at Friendly's

The Friendly's restaurant chain conducts interviews at locations across Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and the eastern United States. Many entry-level job seekers and first-time workers cite the company as a great place for employment. The restaurant chain also offers management and corporate opportunities for the more career-minded, professional individual. Regardless of position, applicants must first pass the company interview process to receive hiring consideration.

Different Roles Require Different Interviews

Friendly's job interviews run the gamut from single one-on-one or group interviews for entry-level jobs to multiple hiring sessions with corporate higher-ups for managerial positions. Depending on the number of applicants, successful candidates may receive on-the-spot job offers, while some candidates are asked to endure brief deliberation periods. Despite the variations and methods used by different locations, job interviews are meant to find individuals who possess bright personalities and strong work ethics.

Prepare Accordingly

Applicants should prepare for the interview process by utilizing several effective strategies. Friendly's managers generally obtain an abstract sense of applicant qualities after reviewing preliminary employment forms. When personnel finally meet job hopefuls, candidates must exceed expectations. Dressing properly for the interview demonstrates professional awareness. Showing up early or at least on-time to each interview indicates a sense of responsibility. Applicants should practice answering several common restaurant industry questions, which usually pertain to availability, willingness to work unusual hours, and ability to interact with a wide variety of personalities, from customers to coworkers.

Understanding the Industry

As stated previously, job interviews contain many restaurant industry-specific questions. A healthy portion of hiring meetings covers working conditions, customer demographics, and greater detail on the job duties and requirements. Interviewers want applicants to have positive perspectives. For that reason, interviewees should demonstrate enthusiasm for the job and gratitude towards Friendly's hiring representatives for the opportunity. Maintain a healthy level of contact with Friendly's hiring managers through all phases of the interview process.

Friendly’s Hostess Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Friendly’s Employee: I worked as a host. Basically, you would just bring people to their tables, give them menus, clean up on the floor, and everything like that. I also worked at the fountain, where you make people’s ice cream. You have to learn how to make milkshakes and all the dishes, so it’s fun.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Friendly’s Employee: Everyone’s really nice. Everyone gets along. Nobody’s ever mean to you or anything like that. Everyone’s very easygoing. It’s very laid back.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Friendly’s Employee: Typically, it depends on when you get there. If it’s during lunch rush or dinner, it’s very busy. But most of the time, it’s pretty calm. There aren’t that many people that go there, but it just depends on when you get there. If it’s six, it’ll be really busy and kind of hectic. But everyone tries to help out, so that’s always really nice. When you get there, you clock in.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Friendly’s Employee: I thought the application was a little confusing, but the one I applied at, they didn’t have everything you needed on the application. But, the whole interview process was very laid back. She told me not to be nervous. She asked me about what my activities were, how long I wanted to work, and what I was interested in doing there. She didn’t really ask about my previous work experience or anything. She just asked me about how I could deal with children, people, and stuff in general like that.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Friendly’s Employee: She just asked me typical ones. She asked where I wanted to work in the restaurant, if I had ever worked in a restaurant before. But they’ll train new people there, so if you don’t have any experience, it’s not very hard to get hired.

Interviewer: What set you apart from other candidates?
Friendly’s Employee: I think it’s because I’m skilled in customer service, that I know how to understand people. I worked at Cedar Point, so I know how to deal with difficult people, and I really think that helped me get the job because I mentioned that. And, I was skilled in customer service, so I think if you’re like that and very outgoing, they’re more likely to pick you over someone who doesn’t talk as much.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Friendly’s Employee: I would just tell them to be very outgoing, ask questions about what they were doing there, and just be very friendly, like the name of the restaurant. Have a smile. You should always have a smile whenever you go into the interview or anything like that. Just be friendly and be nice, and it should all work out for you.

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  • Josh says:

    Have an interview in a few days with Friendly’s, wondering what are some basic questions I will problably get.

  • Love says:

    I start my job at Friendlys soon. I want to know which pants are acceptable to wear.
    I know non slip shoes, light colored shirt, and apron. But would yoga, black dress pants, or fitted black sweats that have 22 on the side be ok for the first couple days?
    Also what is required of fountain workers and hosts?
    Any lifting or chemicals?

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