Frontier Airlines Interview Questions & Tips

Hiring process information for an interview at Frontier Airlines

The Role Applied For Makes a Difference

The interview process is different for each Frontier Airlines position. All applicants begin with the submission of the required forms to earn consideration for employment. Once received, prospective employees are contacted by hiring representatives within a couple of weeks to schedule job interviews.

Flight Attendant Interview Questions

Candidates for flight attendant jobs with Frontier Airlines face group interviews with unique activities and questions. Most flight attendant group interview activities typical revolve around talking about personal and job-related experiences in front of a group of people. Non-customer-facing jobs, like crew schedule and revenue manager positions, face standard interview processes, which include phone interviews, panel interviews, and face-to-face interviews. These interviews usually consist of traditional interview questions, such as: "What makes you the suitable person for this job?" or "How have you improved a process to make work faster or easier?"

Research the Company Beforehand

Applicants should brush up on Frontier Airlines as a company before attending the job interview. Research the position desired, company culture, industry news, and relevant information to better prepare for the interview process. Arrive early to practice responses to interview questions about employment history, personal background, related job skills, and availability. Express a professional desire to begin a career with the airline by providing well-thought-out answers to all interview questions. Take a moment to consider each question before responding. Talk in a clear, controlled manner and address all hiring representatives appropriately.

Passion and Enthusiasm is Key

Applicants should have fun during the Frontier interview process because the airline looks for workers who will have fun on the job. Showing passion for the job in question also benefits a candidate. The airline company also wants to fill staffs with inspired workers. When interacting with hiring personnel, applicants should be friendly and full of enthusiasm.

Exhibit Patience

Upon completing the Frontier Airlines interview process, applicants must submit to drug screenings, personality tests, and background checks, in many cases. Finding the right candidate takes time, and applicants should remain patient thought the process. Candidates do not need to persistently check in with the airline. The airline conducts a thorough process and will contact the right people about progressing forward. In many cases, the evaluation process takes several months.

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