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Fry's Food provides instant access to entry-level jobs and professional careers to employment hopefuls 16 and over. Applicants most commonly find work in entry-level capacities in positions like cashier, bagger, clerk, or customer service representative. Fry's Food also needs career-minded individuals to work as managers and other supervisory associates.

Facts About Working at Fry's Food

Minimum Age to Work at Fry's Food: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Fry's Food?)

Fry's Food Hours of Operation: Open every day: 6:00am-12:00am

Available Positions at Fry's Food: Bagger, cashier, clerk, manager, stocker

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Drive for Lyft! Call 855-407-9995 to apply

Fry’s Food Employment Opportunities

Fry’s Food entry-level jobs generally feature part-time hours. Some workers may assume full-time roles with the company despite working entry-level positions overtime and through solid performance on the job. The average Fry’s Food entry-level workforce for each store includes dozens of opportunities for employment. Due to high turnover rates, hiring for cashier, bagger, and other entry-level positions occurs on a regular basis, which provide excellent job opportunities for first-time employment hunters and applicants interested in part-time positions.

Hiring also takes place for managers. Candidates looking for managerial roles at Fry’s Food and Drug locations encounter viable options for long-term employment in the supermarket industry. Fry’s Food management roles require experience in the industry and at least a high school diploma. Some positions further require college degrees and strong references in order to obtain employment. Find the official requirements to work both entry-level jobs and professional careers at Fry’s Food and begin the employment process.

Fry’s Food Job Openings and Salary Information

Grocery stores like Fry’s Food and Drug look to hire motivated and friendly individuals into available jobs on a regular basis. Fry’s Food offers flexible scheduling opportunities and competitive base pay to new employees. Tenured associates receive ongoing development and paid training, career advancement opportunities, and discounts on products and services. The Southwestern supermarket chain consistently holds interviews for the following jobs: cashier, stocker, manager, and clerk.


Job Description and Duties
Fry’s Food routinely hires entry-level job seekers to work as cashiers at the frontend of stores. As entry-level positions, cashier jobs carry no formal hiring requirements and remain ideal for inexperienced workers looking to establish employment histories. Primary job duties include scanning purchases, applying coupons and discounts, operating cash registers, processing payments, and finalizing sales transactions. Cashiers also clean work areas and bag groceries when necessary. Applicants should stand at least 16-years old and possess basic math abilities, strong customer service skills, and friendly personalities. The ability to work flexible schedules, including evening, weekend, and holiday shifts, also helps prospective cashiers gain hiring consideration.

Salary and Compensation
Cashiers at Fry’s typically earn minimum wage to start. Pay rates may increase to $9.00 or $10.00 per hour with experience. Depending on location, experienced cashiers may make hourly wages up to $12.00 or $13.00. Workers also enjoy access to professional development and career advancement opportunities at Fry’s. Entry-level cashier jobs frequently serve as steppingstones to more advanced leadership positions and store management careers. Fry’s career opportunities generally feature extensive employee benefits like lucrative salary options and healthcare insurance plans. As Fry’s continues to grow throughout the flourishing Southwest region of the country, cashier positions remain readily available for job seekers pursuing entry-level work and career advancement possibilities.


Job Description and Duties
Stockers work throughout Fry’s Food store departments and ensure customer access to varieties of merchandise. Job duties include receiving shipments, organizing inventory, and transferring goods from stockrooms to store shelves. Stockers also clean stores and help customers locate items. Prospective workers must meet the minimum employment age of 16 years. Additional hiring requirements for the entry-level position include the abilities to stand for long periods of time, bend frequently, and lift significant amounts of weight regularly. Strong customer service skills and open schedule availability often help applicants obtain stocker jobs.

Salary and Compensation
Hourly pay for stockers begins around minimum wage. With experience, pay rates may increase to $9.00 or $10.00 an hour. Stockers at Fry’s gain access to employee benefits like on-job training, merchandise discounts, and flexible work schedules upon hire. Entry-level stock workers may also take advantage of professional development opportunities and advance into leadership positions or management careers with higher salary options and various health and wellness benefits. As Fry’s continues to expand throughout the growing Southwest region of the country, the established grocery store chain offers easy access to local job seekers in the market for entry-level stocker positions with the potential for career advancement.


Job Description and Duties
Managerial opportunities available at Fry’s Food and Drug stores involve supervising entry-level workers, ensuring food and merchandise quality, overseeing shipments and deliveries, and maintaining outstanding levels of customer service. Additional Fry’s Food managerial job duties include hiring and training new employees, setting associate schedules, and processing payroll. Potential candidates must stand at least 18 years of age and hold previous experience in the grocery store industry or as a manager in a similar industry for employment consideration. Specific positions available include Fry’s Food frontend manager, assistant manager, and store manager. Additional hiring requirements often include strong leadership and organizational skills, ability to delegate work and communicate effectively, and proven work ethics.

Salary and Compensation
Upon promotion from entry-level Fry’s Food jobs or hire from an outside position, the regional supermarket chain offers generous pay to managerial associates. Workers assuming assistant manager positions receive between $40,000 and $50,000 per year. Frontend managers also make around $40,000 to $50,000 annual salary, on average. Fry’s Food store manager salary options range from $50,000 a year up to more than $80,000, depending on experience and location. New-hire managers also gain access to exciting work benefits packages. Available employee benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, prescription drug plans, medical insurance, dependent care benefits, and paid time off. Though a regional chain, nearly 120 stores operate under the Fry’s Food banner in the American Southwest. Applicants in search of Fry’s Food jobs should find ample opportunities for entry-level employment and careers in the grocery store industry available with the growing chain.


The primary duties of Fry’s Food clerks generally vary by department. Overall, clerks stand responsible for interacting with customers and providing specialized, departmental services, like cutting meats or helping patrons find boxed food items on the sales floor. The position also involves aspects of sales. Workers should possess friendly, personable, and attentive attitudes. Side jobs, like breaking down boxes or stocking shelves, may require some physical endurance for hiring consideration. During busy rushes, clerks may assist cashiers in ringing out patrons. Starting pay for Fry’s Food and Drug clerk associates begins at minimum wage. Experienced clerk workers may make as much as $8.00 or $9.00 per hour.

Tips For Applying

Although located exclusively in the State of Arizona, job seekers from around the United States may submit application forms to gain hiring consideration. The subsidiary of Kroger Co. offers multiple ways for individuals to complete employment forms. Applicants access documents both online and in store. The applications take around 30 minutes to complete and require personal, professional, and academic information. Other requirements include the ability to speak, read, and comprehend Spanish, as the chain consistently entertains customers from diverse backgrounds.

Application Status

After submitting hiring forms, applicants may check back with the supermarket using the Kroger Co. careers platform. Creating user profiles grants workers instant access to the platform, which automatically updates hiring statuses as recruitment personnel make decisions. Workers typically receive emails regarding application statuses, as well. Motivated candidates may also take initiative and place phone calls to check on statuses prior to receiving email confirmation from the grocer. In-store visits also prove sufficient in checking on applications; however, job seekers must place calls and time store visits during slower business hours to avoid becoming a nuisance or disrupting the daily flow of operations.

Benefits of Working at Fry’s Food

Fry’s Food and Drug offers employees instant benefits of competitive pay scales and flexible scheduling up hire. The regional supermarket chain also provides ongoing support for crew members aspiring to assume managerial or corporate roles. On-the-job training with Fry’s Food offers direct access to higher pay and full-time hours. The community-oriented grocery store chain connects associates with members of surrounding areas and promotes fun and supportive work environments.

More Details on Fry’s Food

Qualified workers also enjoy comprehensive job benefits packages. Offered through parent company Kroger Co., employee benefits packages contain 401(k) retirement plans, company-paid salary continuation and life insurance options, group homeowners and auto insurance plans, paid time off, employee assistance programs, and employee stock purchase plans. The supermarket also offers corporate continued-education programs and health coverage. Begin the hiring process to learn more about employment benefits and available positions available with the grocery store chain now.

7 user comments:

  1. melissa acosta

    I worked for Food City as a courtesy clerk back in April, 2005. I enjoyed working with the customers and coworkers. I enjoyed my job. My duties were sweeping, mopping, go backs, collecting shopping carts from the parking lots, answering the phone and directing the customers to the correct department. Also, bagging groceries, price checks, stocking shelves, helping customers with their groceries to their vehicles.

    1. Francisco Leon

      I worked for Food City as a courtesy clerk back in April, 2005. I enjoyed working with the customers and coworkers. I enjoyed my job. My duties were sweeping, mopping, go backs, collecting shopping carts from the parking lots, answering the phone and directing the customers to the correct department. Also, bagging groceries, price checks, stocking shelves, helping customers with their groceries to their vehicles.

  2. Michael Porter

    I worked for Frys as a courtesy clerk, maintenance, and scanning. I worked there from 1/23/13 to 11/9/13. I enjoyed the work, however there were some management issues near the end of my time working. As a courtesy clerk, I helped bag groceries, collect carts, and help people out to their cars. In scanning I changed price tags at night. In maintenance I cleaned bathrooms, emptied trashcans, swept the store, did price checks, and cleaned spills.

  3. Cathy Hartmann

    Worked for Fry’s before and really liked my job. I worked in the deli dept.

  4. mark ochoa

    I loved my job at FRYS. I started as a courtesy clerk then moved up to box boy, and stocker.

  5. Alina Bryner

    I used to work in the deli at Fry’s. I would cut cheese, meat and serve chicken to customers. I also received training with cashier registers.

  6. Alyssa Komatz

    Please tell me if I am able to be a bagger or stocker at 16!


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