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Owned and partially operated by parent company Luby's, Fuddruckers shines as a prime supplier of entry-level restaurant opportunities. The restaurant chain boasts around 200 locations nationwide and continues to expand globally.

Facts About Working at Fuddruckers

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Fuddruckers?)

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Fast Track Manager, Grill Cook, Prep Cook, Baker, Guest Service Associate, Clean Team Associate, Dishwasher, Expo Associate, Shift Supervisor, Butcher, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Cashier, Morning Kitchen Associate

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Fuddruckers Job Opportunities

Fuddruckers remains famous for a variety of hamburger sizes and fresh produce bars. Listed in the Franchise Times Top 200, the company promotes exponential growth, effectively increasing jobs for people interested in the industry. Some opportunities stand available for career-minded individuals through corporate openings; however, employment hopefuls may find opportunity in the large number of entry-level jobs available within the restaurants. The fast-casual dining chain offers restaurant jobs in front-of-house positions like servers and bartenders to back-of-house positions, such as cooks and even butchers.

Aspirants seeking work with the burger franchise must possess adaptable social skills, as most positions require customer interaction. Every employee should display aptitudes for multitasking in a high-energy, fast-paced workplace. Flexible hours prove advantageous for students seeking part-time work or individuals looking for a second job. Full-time positions also stand available for individuals pursuing valuable experience in the customer service field, though new employees usually receive varied hours including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Fuddruckers Positions and Wages

Positions not requiring the sale of alcohol, such as bussers or dish washers, impose minimum hiring age standards beginning at 16 years of age. Servers and bartenders must meet the minimum age requirement of 18. While previous experience and high school diplomas remain unnecessary, a majority of managers show preference for individuals possessing either. Common employment opportunities throughout the restaurant sit below:


  • Honest, fun-loving people fit the profile of cashier for hiring managers.
  • Cash handlers bear the responsibility for finalizing each customer dining experience.
  • Workers field customer complaints, recommend food items, and carry out various tasks as directed by upper management.
  • Front-of-house workers may expect to stand for entire shift durations and lift objects of varying weight as needed.
  • Cashiers regularly begin with an hourly minimum wage rate.
  • Promotions offer the chance to make as much as $11.00 an hour and afford more employment benefits and management potential.


  • Working in the back-of-house operations, food preparation specialists carry out more responsibilities than simply preparing cuisine.
  • Frequent interaction with the public requires basic customer service skills in addition to the upkeep of professional, hygienic appearances.
  • Physical demands entail standing for hours at a time, withstanding heated temperatures, and lifting weighted objects.
  • Additionally, workers ensure food quality and consistency as well as maintain sanitary work environments.
  • Basic cooking skills provide candidates preferential treatment for hire.
  • Cooks typically earn hourly pay from around minimum wage to $10.00.


  • The restaurant echelon remains topped by the general manager in charge of store operations.
  • Beginning salary packages remain estimated at about $45,000 to 60,000 a year and include opportunities for bonuses based on personal performance and sales.
  • Managerial duties consist of hiring and maintaining hourly employees, scheduling, training, and recording sales.
  • Additional restaurant manager duties comprise tending to dissatisfied customers and the supervision of product quality assurance.
  • Assistant managers offer support to the general manager in efforts to both learn how to run a food service independently and relieve overbearing duties of the lead manager.
  • Assistant manager salary options typically start around $30,000 and may rise up to $45,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

Both online and paper applications generally consume about 20 to 30 minutes time and typically request work and educational histories in addition to a few non-family member references. A basic personality test follows the application and requires honest answers, as the test possesses safeguards to expose candidates attempting to game the system. If interview offers occur, applicants should dress appropriately and arrive on time. Generally, practice interviews eliminate small errors otherwise keeping candidates from receiving job offers.

Application Status

Job hopefuls finished with applications may elect to contact hiring managers soon after form submission. Generally, observe a one-to-two day window before attempting contact the chain as manager schedules vary and usually entail heavy workloads. Ensure recruiters remember the application by calling to confirm submission. Proceed with courteous language and express genuine interest for the job. A two-week waiting period following the interview remains standard for job offers; however, candidates should call or discuss the matter in-person if the wait period exceeds two weeks.

Benefits of Working at Fuddruckers

Part- and full-time laborers enjoy access to a variety of employment benefits at Fuddruckers. The work benefits available for hourly employees include:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Prescription discounts, and
  • Paid vacation days.

Other job benefits, such as dental, vision, disability, life, and medical insurance, remain optional. Fuddruckers also grants workers half-priced meals, paid training, and flexible scheduling.

Further Details about Fuddruckers

Dating back to 1979, Phil Romano dreamed of delivering high-quality burgers to the public. Naming the restaurant Freddie Fuddruckers, Romano demanded on-site baked buns and ground meat to ensure the freshest possible experience. The first location, a converted San Antonio bank, sparked the genesis and global growth of the company, which now earns more than $300 million annually.


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    I’m going to interview at Fuddruckers in Texas. How should I dress at the interview?

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      A nice sweater and some khakis.

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