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Furniture Store Industry
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects job opportunities within the retail services industry, which furniture stores stand as a subsector of, to grow by 10% in the next 10 years. Internet purchasing options increasingly bring new advancements to the field. An August 2014 report from states online furniture sales in 2013 exceeded $80 billion. Roughly 450,000 employees work in the furniture retail industry today.

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Positions and Salary
Cashiers accept payments for goods and make change for customers. Retail sales associates help make key choices to improve the satisfaction of customers overall and also attempt to highlight and advertise target items in the store to patrons. Stockers move and arrange furniture on display for customers to choose. Often, entry-level employees of home furnishings retailers fulfill two or more of said job descriptions simultaneously. Supervisors oversee operations and often train new workers. Most furniture store employees earn between $9.00 and $12.00 per hour, while the median pay for managers and first-line supervisors stands around $44,400 annually.

Work Environment
Quality customer interaction prevails as a critical component of employee duties, as shoppers almost always expect insight and assistance from staff. Like most businesses with retail atmospheres, furniture stores predominantly require employees to perform cash handling and stocking duties. Some employees also learn about building, installing, and repairing furniture on the job. Hours of operation generally range from morning to early evening.

How to Get Hired at a Furniture Store
Applicants strongly benefit from retail, sales, and customer service experience of any kind. Familiarity with the products sold at the store where the interview takes place may improve chances of hire. Most furniture store workers stand at least 18 years of age, due to the heavy lifting available jobs may necessitate. Some employers prefer to hire workers who possess a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Furniture Store Job Descriptions

Sales Associate – Sales associates combine expert knowledge and attentive customer service to generate sales. When customers enter showrooms, sales representatives offer warm greetings and ask questions to determine needs. Drawing from deep knowledge of products and furniture trends, sales associates advise customers on furniture to consider for purchase. Sales representatives then show pieces to customers and thoroughly explain key features and benefits. Focused on finding the right fit for customers, sales associates need to continually progress toward closing sales. When granted a sale, a team member must accurately enter information into the POS system and complete all necessary paperwork. When not interacting with customers, sales representatives assist in maintaining a clean and orderly work environment. Furniture store sales jobs typically require associates to work retail hours, which include evening, weekends and holidays. Furniture stores may hires sales representatives into part-time or full-time roles. Part-time employees usually earn hourly pay rates, which generally range from $8.00 and $12.00 per hour. Full-time sales workers earn salary pay of about $30,000 a year.

Loader -Loaders move furniture in and out of the store. When deliveries arrive, loaders remove merchandise from the truck and organize the pieces into the back stock area. After customers purchase items seen on the sales floor, loaders retrieve matching inventory from the back stock. Depending on how customers want to receive the furniture, loaders may load pieces into customer vehicles or put them onto truck for home delivery. Some loaders may work strictly on home-delivery runs and spend little time in the warehouse. A physically demanding role, loaders need to lift over 75 pounds frequently. The position also requires us of tools like dollies and handtrucks, and some associates may need to get fork lift certification. Loader schedules with store hours, but some stores may require loaders to work outside of retail hours to organize and arrange stock. Loaders earn hourly pay ranging from $13.00 to $15.00 hourly.

Furniture Builder – Furniture builders efficiently assemble furniture and arrange displays as needed. In charge of showroom presentability, furniture builders perform necessary maintenance on models and ensure displays appear immaculate. To guarantee ease of shopping for customers, furniture builders make price and information tags easy to locate. Furniture builders also ensure each piece displays the proper tags and labels. Furniture stores look for committed, detail-oriented individuals to fill builder positions. A position involving some physicality, furniture builder requires workers to frequently crouch, bend, reach, and climb. Crew members also need to lift and move at least 50 pounds easily. Proficiency with hand tools, small power tools, and related equipment often benefits furniture builders. Furniture builders frequently work outside of common retail hours. Usually paid by the hour, furniture builders earn about $15.00 per hour.