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Headquartered in Albany, NY, f.y.e., or for your entertainment, and existing subsidiaries specialize in music, movies, and other forms of amusing media. Individuals who thrive in sales-driven environments make ideal candidates for full-time and part-time store openings.

Facts About Working at FYE

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at FYE?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

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f.y.e. Employment Outlook

Individuals wishing to start careers with f.y.e. retain favorable employment options. Since the retailer does not require job applicants to possess previous experience, certifications, or education, entry-level work remains particularly accessible and a great way to build professional skills. Workers interested in careers in sales, retail, or entertainment-related industries may use jobs with the company to build valuable skillsets. Additionally, the entertainment retailer often promotes entry-level workers to management positions, with further growth opportunities available through the company corporate offices.

As a retail company, f.y.e. requires dedicated employees with personable sales savvy. The company also looks for imagination, energy, ambition, and innovation in job candidates. Any applicant able to demonstrate such qualities in person and on paper may receive preference for hire. Furthermore, individuals possessing in-depth knowledge of movies, music, and various electronics prove valuable assets to the company and may earn favor during screening processes.

f.y.e. Positions and Salary Information

Job hopefuls may apply to open positions with f.y.e starting at the age of 16. The company does not require applicants to possess formal education or employment experience to receive consideration for work. Hiring managers remain considerate of school schedules, so high school and university students may find valuable job experience in entry-level positions such as:

Sales Associate

  • Often available as part-time, full-time, and seasonal work, the position of sales associate garners minimum wage to start.
  • Applicants with open availability, proven customer service abilities, and the ability to stand, bend, and squat for shift durations may receive preference during hiring processes.
  • Previous employment in retail positions may also prove advantageous.
  • Regular responsibilities include maintaining the cleanliness and order of stores, greeting customers, working cash registers, efficiently and quickly bagging customer items, endorsing membership programs and other store promotions, replenishing merchandise, answering customer questions, and performing various tasks as assigned by managerial teams.

Assistant Manager

  • Also referred to as lead sales associates, assistant managers guide and set examples for sales teams.
  • The position of assistant manager aids store managers with daily operations and procedures.
  • Interested individuals should possess excellent leadership skills, proven customer service abilities, and at least one year of work experience in the retail industry.
  • Assistant managers shoulder many responsibilities, including the selection and training of new talent, taking inventory, creating associate work schedules, meeting sales quotas, responding to customer complaints and concerns, maintaining detailed knowledge of products, and carrying out the various responsibilities of the store manager as assigned.
  • Assistant managers work full-time and receive salary packages of about $22,000 to $26,000 a year.

Tips For Applying

Individuals interested in applying for available work with f.y.e may visit the careers section of the company website. The corporate offices run the company job hosting portal, and candidates may browse and select positions taking applications. In order to officially submit applications for consideration, job hopefuls must create profiles. Applicants retain the option of uploading five resumes to active profiles and should take advantage of the opportunity to rework resumes to highlight relevant skills and work depending on desired positions. Candidates must also provide personal information, educational backgrounds, and employment histories.

Application Status

As a retail chain, f.y.e. experiences higher-than-average turnover rates. After receiving employment information, hiring managers respond to submitted applications within one to two weeks, in most cases. Individuals wishing to monitor application statuses throughout the process may simply log into job platform profiles and visit the job submission status section. Work candidates who wish to make further inquiries maintain the option of calling, emailing, or visiting hiring personnel. Applicants should remember to keep communications polite and professional.

Benefits of Working at f.y.e.

A majority of f.y.e employees stand eligible for base salary options, merit pay, and bonuses based on performance. Additionally, full-time and part-time associates qualify for comprehensive employment benefits packages.

  • Healthcare coverage includes dental, life insurance, dependent care, and long-term disability.
  • 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, holiday pay, and associate discounts also remain available for qualified workers.

More Information on f.y.e.

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  • Ash says:

    Many districts will not be hiring minors anymore due to issues of theft that have occurred. So expect to be 18 before you will be hired.

  • Nelson Rivera says:

    What kind of employee discount does FYE offer? I hope it’s good. Either way, I really want to work for FYE.

  • queenate says:

    I love music and movies. An FYE job would fit me so well. I just filled out my application online. I will be eagerly awaiting them to call me back for in interview.

  • JOSH says:

    I see that towards to top of the page you have a link to the FYE online application. Do you also offer a printable application? I may just want to fill it out and turn it in myself.

  • Jake Alford says:

    FYE is a fun place to work, I’ve been here 5 years and now I’m the Assistant Manager. I get deals on the already constant sales deals that our store has. It’s a pretty fun environment, I love music and movies, and electronics.

  • fye manager says:

    What king of experience do you need to possess to be considered for a managerial position with FYE?

    • butwhyumadtho says:

      The ability to use spell check.

  • Gabriel Jones says:

    An fye job would be perfect for me. The reason fye is the right job for me is because i am friendly, a hard worker, and i just love music. Another reason is because i live walking distance to a fye store. Working for fye would be the best thing ever. I hope they look my application over and realized I’m the perfect fit for the job.

  • deborah says:

    I can not find a application for FYE store in cinn ohio 45245. Should I just fill out the online application instead of turning in a paper application?

  • Naimah mahoney says:

    I want to start out as a store associates and move up into a management position. Does anyone know how long it may take to do that at FYE?

  • Jordan says:

    I easily found the online application, thanks to your site. Now all I have to do is apply. Hopefully I’ll get the job.

  • louise says:

    how much does a cashier get for each hour working there?

  • Emily says:

    What is FYE’s policy on tattoos, piercings, clothing, etc.?
    Im turning 16 this summer and i would like to try to apply there for a job, but i do want to know their views on people who have what was listed above.
    Thank you.

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