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Operating nearly 50 stores in nine states along the Atlantic seaboard and in the Midwest, Gabriel Brothers offers recognized fashion brands at discounted prices. Rebranded as Gabe's in 2013, the retail chain continues to expand into new areas, creating multiple in-store job opportunities.

Facts About Working at Gabriel Brothers

Hiring Age: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Gabriel Brothers?)

Available Positions: Cashier Associate, Sales Floor Associate, Stock Room Associate, Receiving Associate, Warehouse Personnel, Loss Prevention Personnel, Personnel Coordinator, Department Head, Cash Office Personnel, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Manager-in-Training

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Gabriel Brothers Job Opportunities

Offering broad and diverse selections of clothing, footwear, accessories, housewares, home decor, small electronics, snack foods, and bath and beauty products, Gabe’s caters to similarly diverse sets of consumers. In order to accommodate steady store traffic and expansion into new regions, the discount retail chain must continually hire staff and managers. The company also offers employment at both the corporate office and distribution center located in Morgantown, WV. Interested parties wishing to work at the distribution center need to apply in person.

In-store opportunities range from sales support and customer service positions to loss prevention roles and management careers, which include the job titles of department manager and store leader. Entry-level associates working in retail typically perform customer service and merchandising roles on the sales floor. Gabe’s offers plenty of advancement opportunities for motivated and dedicated workers, as well. Hardworking employees with enough tenure often advance from entry-level roles to become department leads, category supervisors, or leaders-in-training.

Positions and Salary Information for Gabriel Brothers

The discount retailer typically hires high school graduates or individuals in possession of similar degrees. Applicants must stand at least 18 years of age and remain available to work varied shifts, including nights and weekends, upon hire. The most commonly available jobs sit below:

Retail Sales Associate

  • Responsible for various aspects of operations on the sales floor, a retail sales associate may perform multiple duties throughout the course of a shift.
  • Employees may run cash registers, assist customers in finding merchandise, restock products on the sales floor, and attend to customers in fitting rooms.
  • Associates need to display strong interpersonal skills, excellent communication capabilities, and understanding of suggestive selling techniques.
  • Retail sales associates typically work part-time, including nights and weekends, and generally earn between $8.00 and $9.00 an hour.

Customer Service Lead

  • As a mid-level retail manager, a customer service lead remains accountable for providing exceptional and competent customer service to shoppers.
  • Additionally, the management position may involve assisting with hiring decisions and motivating, training, and scheduling employees.
  • Customer service leads may also act as intermediaries between subordinate employees and store management and oversee customer interactions involving complaints or returns, as well.
  • Entry-level sales associates may earn consideration for promotion to customer service lead positions, depending on tenure, experience, and the staffing needs of the particular location.
  • Customer service leads generally earn hourly pay ranging from $10.00 to $11.00.
  • Annual salary options remained reserved for upper-level managers.

Tips For Applying

The discount retailer directs job seekers pursuing in-store positions to apply in person at preferred locations in order to receive hiring consideration. Candidates remain encouraged to prepare necessary materials ahead of time, prior to starting the application process. Whenever possible, the information provided on the form should reflect any skills or prior experience related to the desired job. Dress accordingly to show an interest in fashion and a genuine desire to work for the retailer. Turn in the completed forms to a manager directly, if possible, in order to make meaningful contact with a potential hiring official. At times, making personal contact with a manager during the application process may lead to an immediate interview.

Application Status

Hiring personnel typically respond to applications within a week of receipt, though wait times may prove longer depending on current hiring needs. Aspiring workers tend to receive phone calls requesting initial interviews for in-store jobs. Managerial candidates may face additional scrutiny in order to determine the best fit. For dedicated candidates, contacting the store directly in order to determine hiring status may prove beneficial, as hiring managers may deem such contact as proof of genuine interest and representative of go-getter attitudes.

Benefits of Working at Gabriel Brothers

Access to most employee benefits tends to depend on worker status, as certain job benefits may only prove available for full-time associates. In general, employees receive paid training, excellent hourly pay rates or annual salary options, generous merchandise discounts, and flexible scheduling. Eligible associates also receive access to health benefits, such as medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage. Other possible job benefits include vacation time, holiday pay, paid personal time, sick days, and enrollment in 401(k) retirement plans.

Further Information about Gabriel Brothers

Gabriel Brothers offers customers multiple ways to earn even deeper discounts on a day-to-day basis. With the Unbelievable Rewards™ program, patrons earn points toward additional savings without incurring membership fees. For every dollar spent, customers receive one point. Program participants also receive a $5.00 reward coupon for every $50.00 spent. In addition, rewards members may take advantage of exclusive alerts and invitations. The discount retailer also offers a yearly sweepstakes by giving away a $100.00 gift card once a week. Customers may enter the sweepstakes by mail or by taking a survey online.

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