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Hiring process information for an interview at Gabriel Brothers

Initiating the Process

Value-focused fashion retailer Gabriel Brothers provides a straightforward interview process. After submitting the required material for hiring consideration, applicants receive phone calls to schedule job interviews with hiring managers. The hiring process generally consists of face-to-face question and answer sessions, which are used to gauge personality traits, work ethic, job skills, and personal backgrounds.

Typical Interview Questions

For sales floor jobs, like floor associate and cashier, the interview process features basic interview questions and lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. Some interview questions applicants face include, "Do you have any customer service experience?", and "What do you do if you see a coworker stealing?" Managerial jobs take on an in-depth hiring process, featuring multiple rounds of interviews. Managerial candidates often need to respond to a series of situational and behavior questions.

Understanding the Industry

Wear casual yet dressy attire to job interviews. Arrive on time and prepare to spend at least 30 minutes with the hiring manager. Gabriel Brothers looks for applicants with entrepreneurial spirits, positive attitudes, and desire to excel. Applicants should showcases personable and goal driven values to hiring managers. Additionally, demonstrate a strong sense of fashion and a desire to help customers. Applicants with previous experience in retail may gain preferential treatment during the hiring process. Strong communication skills are essential to working at the discount retailer. Exude a confident and courteous demeanor and maintain consistent eye contact with the interviewer. At the conclusion of the interview, thank the hiring manager for the opportunity and follow up a few days later to inquire about hiring status.

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