GameStop Manager

GameStop Manager Job Description

Job Description & Duties

What Does a GameStop Manager Do?

A GameStop manager must perform many standard duties of the retail industry. Namely, the manager keeps the store running in a timely and efficient manner at all times. Other job duties include creating the work schedule, opening and closing the store, and ordering product and displays.

Hiring New Employees

One of the manager’s more important duties consists of overseeing the hiring process. Managers screen applicants, contact potential employees, conduct interviews, hire associates, and assist in training. Managers must make themselves familiar with GameStop corporate policy and other procedures.

Communication is Key

A successful GameStop manager must possess exceptional communication and leadership skills displayed with customers and coworkers alike. A management position with GameStop typically requires some kind of previous work experience.

Advancing to Manager Roles

Many GameStop management associates work their way up from game advisor positions to become store managers; however, applicants with managerial or supervisory experience receive favorable hiring consideration with the video game retail chain. Current GameStop employees may take the first step toward a store manager role by becoming shift supervisors or assistant managers.

Salary and Compensation

How Much Do They Get Paid?

The salary for a GameStop manager may range anywhere from $30k to $40k a year, depending on exact job title, store location, and work experience. GameStop managers earn more pay with increased job experience and time spent with the company.

Additional GameStop Benefits

Standard job benefits with GameStop include flexible scheduling, career advancement opportunities, and merchandise discounts. Qualified GameStop managers receive 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation, and a comprehensive insurance plan, including health, vision, and dental coverage.


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