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The diverse merchandise selections and wide popularity of Gander Mountain make the retail chain ideal for motivated job seekers. Applicants regularly find part-time and full-time opportunities featuring competitive pay, ongoing training, and career development programs.

Facts About Working at Gander Mountain

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Gander Mountain?)

Available Positions: Customer Services Associate, Sales Associate-Apparel/Footwear/Fieldwear, Sales Associate-Hunting/Firearms, Sales Associate-Fishing, Sales Associate-Archery, Sales Associate-Tech Center, Zone Supervisor, Zone Manager-Hardlines, Zone Manager-Softlines, Operations Specialist, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Merchandise Assistant, Receiving Supervisor, Inventory Analyst, POS Associate, Maintenance Associate, Gander Academy Range Master, Gander Academy Instructor

Printable Application: No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.

Gander Mountain Job Prospects

Gander Mountain stores operate in large, big-box formats featuring dozens of departments, live demonstrations, and knowledgeable staffs to assist customers in making informed decisions on sporting goods. The chain hires workers to provide services in assigned areas, such as hunting, fishing, camping, climbing, and hiking. Each department boasts five to ten associates, who work directly with consumers on a daily basis. Applicants must feel comfortable offering recommendations on specific topics related to assigned departments as well as general inquiries into store policies and services.

As a major retailer, Gander Mountain understands employee attitudes often affect customer retention. Warm, friendly, and personable individuals typically receive additional hiring consideration. The chain promotes energetic, team-oriented work environments where employees support one another and encourage comradery. Hiring personnel look for enthusiastic attitudes, in addition to both general and specific knowledge of outdoors sports, as prerequisites for employment.

Gander Mountain Employment and Salary Information

The most prevalent positions available include part-time, entry-level sales roles in various store departments. Employees with tenure and showing dedicated attitudes often receive promotion into supervisory roles or managerial careers. The chain also hires outside candidates to fill leadership positions. Applicants passionate about outdoor sports and standing at least 16 years of age may take advantage of the following jobs:

Sales Associate

  • Available in departments across Gander Mountain stores, sales associate jobs represent ideal entry-level positions featuring average hourly pay around $9.00 and paid training.
  • Although no real experience proves necessary for employment, the retailer often prefers candidates with at least a year in similar retail settings.
  • Sales associates work as part of teams and must adapt to changes in protocol and daily operations in order to succeed.
  • Positive attitudes and the ability to lift over 50lbs. comfortably remain integral to the position.
  • Key tasks center on assisting customers and stocking shelves.
  • New-hires may assume part-time or full-time schedules, depending on previous experience.


  • Employment opportunities falling under the category of leadership include zone supervisor and zone manager job titles.
  • Both levels of management require at least a bachelor’s degree and some related experience.
  • Zone supervisors must possess a minimum two years of experience, while zone managers need up to four years of previous, related work history.
  • The ability to manage teams effectively, delegate daily tasks, assemble workers and hire new help, and drive sales benefit candidates, as well.
  • Managers work alongside and in support of other leadership associates.
  • Understandings of computers and the sporting goods industry remain vital for hiring consideration.
  • Zone supervisor jobs pay around $12.00 per hour and offer flexible part-time and full-time schedules.
  • Assistant zone manager and zone manager positions offer full-time hours, in most cases, and annual salary options beginning around $40,000 and ranging up to $80,000 with experience.

Tips For Applying

Applicants may access broad descriptions of positions online to aid in job searches. Once selected, jobs require candidates to submit forms either online or in person. Both methods carry similar weight into overall hiring decisions. However, applicants who submit applications in person may undergo immediate hiring consideration and receive on-the-spot interviews. In either case, workers need to demonstrate general knowledge of outdoor sports and interest in specific niche areas of gaming, camping, and other outdoors activities to gain employment.

Application Status

The prominent retail chain keeps applications on file up to six months after initial submission. Candidates who receive no word from hiring personnel regarding employment within a couple of weeks of submitting forms may still receive contact from the chain at later dates. On average, prospective associates receive calls for interviews within a week. Some workers may receive communications within a few days. In the downtime, applicants may take initiative and contact hiring managers via telephone, email, or visit stores in person. Taking action to reach out to Gander Mountain recruitment officials often reasserts interest in the job at hand and may result in preferential treatment during the hiring process.

Benefits of Working at Gander Mountain

Employment benefits befall associates on graded scales. Upon hire, entry-level workers and career professionals alike enjoy merchandise discounts, holiday pay, personal days, and tuition reimbursement. After six months, full-time employees receive 401(k) retirement plans. Part-time associates must work for at least a year to receive 401(k) plans. Full-time workers gain access to medical, dental, and prescription drug coverage, as well.

Additional Information on Gander Mountain

Product lines sold in store extend beyond outdoors sports. The massive retail locations also sell home decor, kitchen equipment, and even pet supplies. Items for the home range from bedding and linens to decorative keepsakes, like vases, candles, picture frames, and artwork. The housewares merchandise typically follows an outdoors, environmental theme in regards to featured colors, designs, patterns, and scents.

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