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With nearly 140,000 associates spread over six brands, Gap continually seeks new and enthusiastic employees to join an ever-growing team. Job seekers in search of entry-level work or long-term careers may apply online or at any location.

Facts About Working at Gap

Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Gap?)

Available Positions: Cashier, Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: Yes. Print Gap application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

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Gap Job Opportunities

Founded in 1969 as a single storefront in San Francisco, Gap owns and operates over 3,000 stores across the globe. The fashion retailer seeks motivated individuals passionate about fashion and sales to take on entry-level positions such as sales and stock associates. Focused on delivering excellent customer service, the retail chain desires employees willing to go the extra mile for consumers and able to utilize exceptional interpersonal skills, work flexible schedules, and communicate effectively. Typically featuring only the bare essentials for hiring requirements, jobs with the fashion retailer tend to fit a variety of employment needs, such as earning extra money, paying for tuition, and working after school.

For associates with desires to enter the fashion retail industry full time, Gap offers a variety of in store management opportunities as well as careers in the corporate offices. The company pursues candidates with prior management experience and/or extensive knowledge of the retail trade. In addition, applicants with further education skills, certifications, and expanded resumes tend to receive increased consideration in the hiring process. Current entry-level workers may apply for lower-level management positions as well, such as stock supervisor or key holder, as the company prefers to promote from within.

Employment and Salary Information for GAP

Entry-level employees must stand at least 16 years old to apply and show desires to work with customers on a daily basis. Typically needing to stand, move around, and perform repetitive tasks, candidates should show enthusiasm, an ability to adapt to new situations, and flexible schedule availability, including weekends. The following represent the most readily available positions with the retailer:

Sales Associate

Job Description and Duties
  • Applicants in search of work as Gap sales associates must stand at least 16 years of age at time of hire.
  • The entry-level employment opportunity generally carries no real, formal qualifications or requirements for hiring consideration.
  • The ability to work a flexible schedule and knowledge of the fashion industry generally helps prospective workers gain additional preference during Gap interviews.
  • Other desirable traits of potential employees include friendly, energetic, and outgoing personalities.
  • Typical job duties include organizing merchandise, erecting displays, maintain clean storefronts and backrooms, ringing up purchases, and answering questions about merchandise, services, and company policies.
Salary and Compensation
  • Starting hourly wages for Gap sales associate workers begin around minimum wage and may reach upwards of $9.00.
  • Beyond base pay and wage increases, entry-level sales associates may find work in managerial or supervisory roles.
  • Most Gap stores offer discounts on merchandise to all employees upon hire.

Stock Associate

  • Stock associates take accountability for maximizing store sales by creating and maintaining neat, clean, and well-organized storefronts.
  • Employees must coordinate with management and other personnel to ensure customer satisfaction with selection, merchandising, and product availability.
  • Stock associates should become familiar with effective loss prevention techniques, as well.
  • Employees must demonstrate strong customer focus, utilize feedback efficiently, and work well as part of teams.
  • Stock associates typically earn hourly pay between $8.00 and $9.00.


  • With varying levels of management positions available, Gap utilizes experienced supervisors to run day-to-day operations at each location.
  • Managers hire, train, and lead subordinate staff in addition to completing administrative duties as necessary.
  • Stores may hire for entry-level management positions, such as stock supervisors or shift leaders, in order to directly lead staff on a daily basis.
  • Such positions may also draw from current staff via promotion.
  • Assistant and store managers must hold previous retail experience, preferably in a supervisory role, show keen business acumens, and possess at minimum high school diplomas or equivalents.
  • Managers support all corporate initiatives, maintain strong sales numbers, maximize staff performance while balancing against scheduling issues, communicate well with both customers and staff, and model efficient and effective behavior at all times.
  • Lower-level supervisors may expect to earn about $12.00 an hour, while assistant managers may earn up to $16.00 hourly.
  • Store managers and general managers may expect yearly salary options of up to $65,000.

Tips for Applying

Interested applicants may apply for positions with Gap either online or by downloading a paper application. When filling out either option, set aside appropriate time to answer each question correctly and completely. If possible, gather all necessary information and materials before beginning. When picking up an application in store, attempt to emulate the style of the brand in order to show affinity for styles and merchandise offered in addition to knowledge of current fashion. Ask to give the completed application to a manager, if possible. Supervisors may wish to perform on-the-spot interviews at times, though not always.

Application Status

Hiring managers typically contact applicants within a week of receiving completed applications. During the initial contact, managers may first perform basic phone screenings in order to determine if applicants fit the basic hiring needs of the store. After interviewing applicants in person, hiring personnel typically make decisions within a few days. If not contacted within the established parameters for hiring purposes, the candidate may wish to contact the store of interest directly or by phone to inquire about hiring status. As store personnel typically need to perform multiple tasks, follow-up contact should occur during off-peak hours to show respect for hiring personnel and avoid causing a disturbance or becoming a nuisance.

Benefits of Working at GAP

Gap offers employees diversified benefits packages depending on employment status. Part-time workers may qualify for various work benefits, including:

  • Employee merchandise discounts
  • Flexible scheduling and paid time off for vacation
  • Personal time and illness

Holiday pay remains available, as well. Full-time employees may receive access to medical, dental, and vision plans, life and disability insurance, employee stock purchase plans, and enrollment in 401(k) retirement plans. In addition, the fashion retailer partners with familiar brands and organizations in order to provide additional discounts on products and services such as phone plans, car sharing, modes of travel, hotel stays, and wellness clinics.

Additional Information About GAP

The fashion retail leader offers an online blog called “Do more”, which utilizes an informative tone to introduce consumers to the other side of the industry. Gap uses the blog to publish articles about community, innovations, opportunity, and sustainability. Interested parties may read about ways the company conserves energy or where certain community initiatives currently stand. In addition, the through-provoking blog contains articles about gender roles, parenting, and individuality.


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