Gap Interview Questions & Tips

Getting the Process Started

A notorious clothing retailer with a distinctive, all-American feel, Gap hires bright and enthusiastic individuals to provide excellent guest services. With a need for sales, stock, and leadership roles in each store, the company hires a variety of talents. To find the right people, the clothing retailer evaluates candidates through structured interview processes, which evaluate job capabilities as well as individual personalities. Interview processes are unique for each job title.

Group Interview Sessions

Sales associate is the most common position at Gap, and hiring managers often screen multiple candidates for each job opening. In most cases, the clothing retailer uses group interviews to evaluate entry-level candidates. Group interviews may consist of five to ten candidates and often last about 30 minutes. Hiring managers mostly ask customer-focused questions, such as, "What is the difference between selling to a customer and providing customer service?" and "How would you get a customer to sign up for a Gap card?" One-on-one interviews follow group interviews. Most interview questions used in the one-on-one interviews are behavioral and ask for past experience serving customers or working in teams.

Typical Interview Questions for Stock Associates

Applicants vying for stock associate jobs may participate in face-to-face interviews or group interviews, depending on the volume of candidates. Stock associate interviews feature common questions like, "Why do you want to work at Gap?" and "What stock experience do you have?" Gap stock associates often need to interact with guests. Hiring managers ask a number of guest service questions, such as, "How do you break the ice with a customer?" and "Can you give me an example of a time you received excellent customer service?" Interviews usually conclude with applicants stating given availabilities to work.

Management Positions

To acquire management jobs, applicants usually need to pass through several interview rounds in a one-on-one or panel format. Interviews cover financial acumen, leadership skills, abilities to ensure customer care, and operations aptitude. Gap hiring personnel probe for competency by asking behavioral and situational questions. Some questions managerial candidates encounter in interviews include, "If you could change one thing about the store, what would it be?" and "How do you motivate a team to improve results?" Managerial interviews may also feature salary discussions, which are usually discussed toward the end of final interviews.

Dress the Part

An apparel brand with a unique style, the retailer looks for fashionable associates. To evaluate a candidate's fashion tastes, hiring managers often look at what applicants wear to interviews. Candidates should meet the company-look by dressing casual yet classy to interviews. To best fit the brand-look job hopefuls should wear Gap clothing. To get an understanding of exactly what to wear, candidates should evaluate how current employees dress and wear similar clothing to interviews.

Know the Brand and Follow Up

Gap needs to hire energetic, motivated, and trustworthy associates for entry-level jobs and professional careers. Workers with experience or interest in fashion who exude positive and personable personalities may gain advantage over other applicants. During any job interview, demonstrate a strong knowledge of merchandise and apparel. Sit up straight throughout the hiring process, maintain eye contact with interviewers, and exude confidence. Keep responses honest and try to provide original answers. Standing out from the competition is important, especially during group interviews. Follow up a few days later to check on hiring status.

Gap Sales Associate Interview Video

Video Transcript:

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Gap Sales Associate: All right. So at Gap, I was a sales associate. Basically just run the floors, making sure clothes are organized on the floor, and making sure fitting rooms and stuff is organized. Attending to customers, making sure they find their items, of course. And also, I was a cashier, so ringing out customers from their purchase and stuff.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?

Gap Sales Associate: I would say it was fun. It was my first retail job, so my managers and supervisors were really nice, so it made it comfortable. My coworkers were cool and nice, so I guess the environment was really friendly, welcoming environment. It was good.

Interviewer: What was your favorite part about working there?

Gap Sales Associate: I did like just how stress-free it was, a bit. Just to the fact of not worrying I’m doing my job wrong. They were really on-hands with showing me ropes and making sure I was comfortable since it was my first retail job. I guess also coworkers, actually making friends with coworkers, as well.

Interviewer: Please describe the application and interview process.

Gap Sales Associate: I applied. It did take some time. I applied probably the year prior to getting a job. It’s just, I guess they were going through a whole bunch of other stuff, so I didn’t get a call back until like May or so. It wasn’t like a whole year waiting process, it was just a few months, but it was at the ending of the year I applied, and then waiting until April or May to get the call back. After that, I got the call to come in for an interview. Came in for the interview and I guess I got hired on the spot, just had to wait for background checks, which took like two days. And then the next week I got my schedule.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

Gap Sales Associate: Just background on my prior work environment and more of customer service experience I had based off of just how I handled certain situations with customers and how I go above and beyond for customers. And basically retail, as a customer myself, what was my experience going into a retail store? So those type of questions.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job-seeker looking to gain employment?

Gap Sales Associate: I guess just be relaxed and be honest, because if you try to lie, it’s going to catch up to you.

Gap Sales Associate/Denim Specialist Interview Video

Video Transcript

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Gap Sales Associate & Denim Specialist: I was a sales associate, and I had to take care of customers, help with merchandise, and clean up when they closed, basically.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?
Gap Sales Associate & Denim Specialist: It was fun. We had customers all day, especially during the holidays. I would mostly work in the fitting rooms. I got to work with a lot of people.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee.
Gap Sales Associate & Denim Specialist: Go in. They give you a goal of Gap cards for the day. Then, you have to set everything back in the store, then make sure the store looks nice by the time you close.

Interviewer: Did you experience any promotions or career growth?
Gap Sales Associate & Denim Specialist: I’m a denim specialist. It’s a minimum advancement opportunity, but it’s still good. They teach me about the fabric, how they fit, and whenever a customer had a question about denim, they would send them to me, because that’s a job where the business depends mostly on their denim aspect.

Interviewer: How would you describe the application and interview process?
Gap Sales Associate & Denim Specialist: It took about two weeks. They called me back. I called often before they gave me the first call back. The interview was pretty laidback. It was pretty chill. Mostly situational questions during the interview.

Interviewer: What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Gap Sales Associate & Denim Specialist: How you work with others, because it is a team job there. But none specific – they’re pretty general that you would see at other places.

Interviewer: What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Gap Sales Associate & Denim Specialist: Its really hectic during the holidays, but at least where I worked at, it was really easy. You just have to be able to talk to people. That’s the biggest part, but that’s in all retail.


  • slick says:

    Should I wear something nicer than jeans when I try and interview? I don’t have that many nice things but I have some very nice jeans. Do you think that would help me on my job interview?

  • PJ says:

    Yes it definitely would, if possible were pants, they look more professional. A shirt and a tie wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  • Gill says:

    Does anyone have any experience of management level interviews with Gap?

  • Gigi says:

    Well I dont really have experience on such kind of interviews, but I think they would probably ask you questions about your school level, grades, leadership experience and some other questions that might help them to find out if you’d do well on the job.

  • Karina says:

    What questions will they ask you, if you applying for sales associate?
    Also, is the job that i’m applying for demanding?

  • Kristhel Corea says:

    How old do you have to be to work here??
    & do you need experience?

  • Chensiqi says:

    Dressing for the interview – Try to wear something recent from the store itself. You can wear a pair of jeans as long as the outfit is smart casual. Gap is geared towards that type of fashion, so presenting yourself in that sense is important.

    Experience – No prior experience is really needed; however, if you do not have any experience in retail, they tend to start you off at minimum wage. They do have a yearly assessment, which you may gain a raise but not by much.

    Interview Questions – Each hiring manager has their own interview methods. Cover the basic interview questions such as:

    a) What style of leadership do you consider yourself?
    b) What do you consider to be great customer service? Hint: Gap puts its customers as number one priority.
    c) What do you have to offer to Gap Inc.? Why should Gap hire you? Hint: Be honest here. If you have no experience, this is a great opportunity to redeem yourself. Answer something along the lines of, “I believe Gap offers a range of opportunities to help sharpen certain skills that I lack. I am not afraid of testing the waters to find a more effective way to complete the task at hand.”
    d) Name one of your major weakness. Hint: Don’t sell yourself short. Describe and explain your efforts to improve in that area.
    e) How would you combat multi-tasking?
    f) Are you hesitant or unable to sell Gap credit cards? Hint: This is a form of sales in any retail. You should always be open to this idea when working in retail.
    g) Pick an outfit out that you believe represents Gap’s fashion. Hint: It is crucial for to ALWAYS arrive early to an interview. For this reason, to scope out the different merchandise and piece it before your interview so that when ask, you can perform at your best ability.

    Be confident and friendly. You don’t have to smile all the time but soften your facial expressions. Listen when the hiring manager tells you things and try to input them in your answers. Eye contact is crucial. Remember, if you were called for a one-on-one interview, the manager has already decided to hire you. He/She is only trying to get a “feel” of your personality. If it is a group interview with fewer than 3 people, most likely all 3 will be hired; however, a group the size of 9, only about 3 or 4 would be hired.

    Good Luck!

  • megan says:

    will gap hire a 12 year old if she/he is responsible intelligent nice and very caring

  • Fabi says:

    If I’m not able to work a day of the week at all like a Saturday for instance becuse I have school for an outreach program, will this affect my chances of getting the job?

  • hello says:

    do they drug test you?

  • Ashley says:

    How soon do they let you know your hired?

  • jillian says:

    no you cant work there if you’re 12.. you have to be 16

  • Edric says:

    What questions would they ask if you go in for a loss prevention agent interview?

  • G says:

    i think you have to be 18 now, and have graduated from high school or gotten your GED. they don’t ask about your grades in school.

    i interviewed today with one of their top stores, and they mostly wanted to know what we were like, and what we look for when we go into a clothing store. they also wanted to know a little about our sense of style and if/how we keep up on what’s current in fashion.

    i wore slacks, a sleeveless black blouse, and a white cardigan over it with black flats. it was a group interview with two other people–the guy also wore slacks, plus a button-down tucked in and a tie. the girl wore skinny jeans, gold flats, and a blouse.

    they had us go out on the floor for ten minutes and pick out an outfit for an imaginary customer and explain the customer’s needs and the outfit you picked for them (ex: “my customer is female in this age range and works at this type of job and is looking for something to wear to work that is versatile for going out after work, so i picked this dress and these shoes and this bracelet”). we were free to make an outfit from any part of the store (men, women, kid, baby), but the guy chose to make a man’s outfit and us girls chose to make women’s outfits.

    today is wednesday, and they said we’ll hear back from them if they want a second interview by friday. also, the more available/flexible you are, the better your chances of being hired–especially during the holiday season. the less available you are, the lower your chances. but if there’s only one day of the week that you just can’t work, it shouldn’t be too bad.

    i don’t think they drug test you, at least not to be a sales associate. maybe if you’re going into management though. but i know someone who works in corporate guess and she was never drug tested.

  • Miss Parker says:

    I actually had a group interview with The Gap Sep 30th and they said they would call us back if we do or do not get the job. Thursday it will be going on two weeks. i am curious as to whether I should call myself to see if they have made a hiring decision yet. Someone help please

  • ashley says:

    i am 12 and have spent 4 days trying to find a small local place that would hire me. i’m sure that there is one place in the u.s that would hire a 12 year old. but if i can’t work at GAP ( i saw a link that said GAP would hire 12 year olds) where could i work? just tryin to make some money to try to plan a budget for a party!!!

  • D. Anderson says:

    You have a lot of drive for your age and that is great! Keep it up you are sure to find work. In the meantime you can do a few things to make money on your own. Depending on where you live you may be able to start a small lawn business, Maybe you can start to babysit for friend and family. Also you can put together a breakfast stand of sorts on a neighborhood corner or in front of your house. Run it like a real business and keep all your records. The experience you gain will be invaluable later in life. Lastly two things that you MUST do. 1. Give at least 10% of all of your profits back to society. Like your church, or a soup kitchen, shelter etc. and 2. PAY YOURSELF FIRST!!! Everytime you make money save 10% at least. If you do this, I guarentee you will be wealthy someday. If you want to test it, ask any adult if the would have more money if they saved a dime for every dollar they made since they were 12. Watch what they tell you…LOL
    Well I have said a lot but I hope it helps. Keep it up, stay in school, and respect yourself. God will take care of the rest……

  • s.s says:

    hi, sent in an application to gap over christmas and they called me yesterday asked 5 questions over the phone and then invited me for an interview wednesday.. ive pretty much covered the whole polite eye contact etc but im stuck on what to wear i was going for pitch black skinnies and a two in one white shirt and jumper under a urban silver blazer( would that do) ??????????

  • Sabre says:

    Do you need an e-mail address to work at Gap? Do you need any computer skills?

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