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Working at a gas station is a perfect way to make extra money while you’re in school or kick start your managerial career.

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Industry Growth and Outlook: Refueling stations historically carry one of the slowest rates of overall growth year over year. However, in recent years, consumer scientists and other market analysts report significant increases in profits for the industry. According to a January 2014 article published by FORBES Magazine, the gas station industry experienced a near doubling of annual profits, with incomes rising by 3% from 2012 to 2013, up from a 1.6% rise from 2011 to 2012. The sharp rise in annual profits offers optimistic outlooks on the future of the industry. Around 875,000 workers and 105,000 retail locations comprise the industry. New jobs should become available as the field continues to grow.

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Gas Station Positions: With the industry growing steadily, new gas station jobs in various capacities should begin opening across the country. Cashier positions represent the most widely accessible job opportunities in the field followed by supervisory roles, retail/food prep positions, and work as station attendants. Most filling stations sit along major highways or state routes. Gas stations generally experience high customer traffic throughout any given workday. Applicants must demonstrate personable, attentive, and alert personalities. The ability to work nights and weekends plays an invaluable role in gaining employment in the field, as many fuel stations keep 24/7 hours of operation.

Pay Scales: While offering part-time jobs with roughly minimum wage starting pay for entry-level applicants, the gas station industry provides lucrative salary options for full-time and managerial associates. At start, part-time workers enjoy base wages with opportunities for pay increases over time. Employees moving into more consistent, full-time roles often make between $9.00 and $10.00 per hour. Average salary options for supervisors fall around $34,500 a year. Collectively, gas station employees receive $10.50 in average wages.

Common Gas Station Job Descriptions

Cashier – Entry-level cashier positions represent the most commonly available gas station jobs and put workers in constant contact with customers. Gas station cashiers turn fuel pumps on and off as needed and process transactions for customers opting to pay inside. As many gas stations also feature onsite convenience stores, cashiers regularly perform duties like cleaning, replenishing merchandise, and preparing simple food items, as well. Other than local laws establishing the legal age for working at a gas station, job seekers pursuing cashier positions typically encounter few, if any, obstacles. Ideal candidates possess the willingness and schedule flexibility necessary to work a variety of different shifts, as gas stations often maintain extended or irregular business hours to meet the needs of traveling motorists around the clock. Gas station cashier jobs usually involve standing for long periods of time and generally confine employees to smaller workplaces than traditional retail outlets. The gasoline retail industry boasts an average hourly pay rate of just over $9.00 for cashiers.

Manager/Supervisor – Managers and supervisors carry out numerous job duties essential to the success of the gas station. Directly responsible for supervising cashiers, gas station managers hire and train new associates, assign and oversee work shifts, and promote camaraderie among coworkers. Supervisory positions also feature administrative tasks, such as updating gas prices, implementing and evaluating sales promotions, ordering new merchandise, and ensuring gas station operations remain within budgetary constraints. Gas station managers regularly work full-time and must often adhere to flexible schedules featuring daytime, evening, and night shifts. Employers fill managerial job openings by either promoting from within or hiring candidates with previous leadership experience in a gas station, convenience store, or similar retail setting. The median pay rate for gas station managers and supervisors hovers between $15.00 and $16.00 an hour, for a total annual salary of roughly $32,000. More experienced or higher ranking managers often enjoy increased earning potential.