Gatti’s Pizza Interview Questions & Tips

Starting the Process

A pizza buffet chain prominent in the Southeast United States, Gatti's Pizza maintains over 100 locations. Locations all feature many standard employment opportunities for the restaurant industry. To join the team, job seekers must first complete the company job interview process. Begin the hiring process by completing official employment forms, submitting the hiring materials for review, and waiting for a call to schedule the interview session.

Excellent Customer Service

Casual in nature, interviews still require a degree of professionalism and respect. Stages of the hiring process include an initial phone conversation, a one-on-one interview with a manager, and orientation before full employment. The whole process usually takes about a week. However, some candidates may be fortunate and get hired on the spot. Most interview questions relate to proper customer service and treatment, teamwork, work ethic, and overall attitude. Popular restaurant chains like Gatti's Pizza face all kinds of unique customers, making the ability to thrive in different social situations a must. Applicants who display great communication skills and desire for the job will have the best chance at obtaining employment with the regional pizza chain.

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