Gaylord Hotels Job Interview Questions & Tips

Starting the Interview Process

Operating as a chain of hotels commonly attached to convention centers and catering to large groups of guests and visitors, Gaylord Hotels often hires employees that can handle the workload on a constant basis. The Marriott-owned hotel chain operates four large resort locations across the United States. For hiring consideration, individuals seeking jobs in the hospitality industry must participate in and pass the interview process.

Steps to Follow and Information to Share

Applicants face multiple rounds of interviews. In addition to chain representatives, job candidates frequently interact with representatives of Marriott Hotels, the resort's parent company. Most interviews teach applicants about the Gaylord Hotels company philosophy and values. Interviewees also learn about the desired position in greater detail, including job duties, responsibilities, and work environment. Interview questions usually revolve around the personal and professional attributes of the applicant. Job seekers should be prepared to discuss employment history, availability, criminal background, and behavior assessments.

Answering Common Interview Questions

A job with Gaylord Hotels requires utter professionalism from employees at every level. Applicants must display the positive attributes that the company values so highly during the interview process. Candidates should convey an ability to work in a large hotel. Studying and preparing for the usual interview questions such as, "What related experience do you have?", "How can you help Gaylord Hotels succeed?", and "What makes customer service exceptional?" may also help. Additionally, applicants should ask some questions of their own, which shows genuine curiosity about employment with the hotel chain. Keep questions strictly related to the requirements of the job and avoid asking about nonessentials like benefits or vacation time, as this sends the wrong message to the interviewer.


  • Yanira says:

    I had an interview for Gaylord as a photographer for Kodak for ICE. One question they ask is if you ever had a rough time handling a customer.

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