GEICO Insurance Interview Questions & Tips

How to Get a Job at GEICO

GEICO desires workers with strong interpersonal skills and aptitudes in handling challenging scenarios with customers. Typical themes encountered at hiring sessions include behavioral, experiential, scenario-based, and motivational inquiries. Some common questions include: “Can you describe a time you went above and beyond expectations?”, “What are some of your career goals?”, “Have you ever been a leader on a project or in a group?”, and “How would you handle an angry customer?”

Know Customer Service

For behavior-themed questions, highlight traits best suited for customer service. For questions regarding experience, prepare examples demonstrating strengths as a leader and abilities to work well as a part of a team. Applicants should also be able to adequately explain how personal work and education history prepared you for the available position. Answers should remain consistent and genuine, and reflect the decisions you make for the role-play scenarios presented in the interview. Topics relating to motivation are designed to gauge interviewee interests and dedication as a contributable team member.

Assessment Tests and the Interview Process

The interview process typically begins with a telephone interview two to four days upon submission of the official application. If successful, the potential employee receives an invitation for a series of in-person interviews that may or may not include computer based testing to assess skills in multitasking, typing, and behavior. Individuals interested in the customer service representative position, the scenario portion of the interview involves mock phone calls from angry or otherwise difficult customers to test abilities to perform under adverse circumstances. Finally, successful candidates selected for employment must submit to background checks, personality tests, skills tests, and drug screening.


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